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New Scoreboard at AIr Canada !

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  • New Scoreboard at AIr Canada !

    I would like to know what people think of the new score board. I personally don't like it !! I sit in the upper bowl and in other years the older scoreboard would list the players names and no's while telling you the points and stats on each player as he is in the game. This year with the new scoreboard in the upper bowl the scoreboard only gives you the no. Of the player on the court plus the stats of the players. You do not get the name of the player at all just the number and myself I remember players names not their numbers so it is very hard to follow a player especially from opposing team by just a number and not a name coming up on the board! The lower bowl people get to see the names and numbers and stats of all the players on the court! I don't think it is fair that the upper bowl people cannot see the same players names and stats as the lower bowl people!!! Does any one else feel the same way or are you even aware of this problem! I think mlse should look into this problem and correct it for the upper bowl people !!