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Bulls vs Bobcats

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  • Bulls vs Bobcats

    Excerpt from Toronto Sun article:

    "If there is an upside for the Raptors it comes in the form of Charlotte head coach Larry Brown who unlike his coaching brethren in Cleveland, will put his best players on the floor Wednesday night when the Bulls come to town.

    Bobcats head coach Larry Brown had made it known that when the Bulls come calling on Wednesday he’ll have all hands available because he believes the Bobcats owe it to the 'integrity of the league' to play their best if something is on the line." - Mike Ganter

    I mean, I don't even care if they make the playoffs anymore, but if you do, this is good news.

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    I was also wondering if MJ would lay down his army to let his former team in , or gather up his new troops to try to stick it to them? I can't see Wallace or Capt'n Jack going half-assed?
    All this don't matter if our guys lay another egg at home....which is a good possibility, our advantage tonight is the back court , with NateRob gone, we have a quickness factor we should take advantage of.


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      I think the Raptors win tonight no problem
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        Jordan is a man of honor and an extreme competitor. I would expect nothing less from a team he operates.

        Buddahfan wrote: View Post
        I think the Raptors win tonight no problem
        The Raptors have not been any better than the Knicks lately. I think D'Antoni will have his team amped up about playing spoilers. This won't be a walk in the park.
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          David Lee might grab 30 boards tonight. Put him down for 20 and 20 anyway. The cRaps SHOULD win though, should.


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            On that note about 30 boards is it just me or does anyone else notice that other players' strengths are usually magnified when they play against T.O.? Rebounders have huge games, scorers go well above average, Kobe Bryant, etc. I know for a fact I've had success in Fantasy leagues picking guys playing against the Raps that week.


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              Why don't we just guarantee a Raptors win right now and totally jinx the team?


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                i heard Al Harrington is out......damn... we lose this one >_<

                I rather have Lee get 30 rebounds and the rest of his crew have 0


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                  I think the Bobcats will do their part...they're still fine tuning for their first playoffs and can't afford a weak effort, Wallace might be out, but Tyrus Thomas should be up for this one against his old team. As for the Rapts/ Knicks??? if we jump on them early...they might start their summer off early...if not...then we can book tee times together.


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                    Larry Brown is just saying the right words ... he won't be on the floor and for Charlotte to lose is enough that a couple of key players to lay down. This game is for Chicago to lose!


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                      no, larry is a man of his word. besides s-jack and g-wall are ballers they willg ive an effort for their final home game of the regular season.
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                        The man of his word is getting his ass kicked by the Bulls right now. Anyone else think the Bobcats are going to phone it in? Starting starters can only do so much if they game means nothing to them.


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                          Bulls crushing the Cats. Goodbye playoffs. Goodbye Bosh. Goodbye hope of success for the foreseeable future.


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                            Apollo wrote: View Post
                            The man of his word is getting his ass kicked by the Bulls right now. Anyone else think the Bobcats are going to phone it in? Starting starters can only do so much if they game means nothing to them.
                            Yep, the starters and the bench have almost as equal minutes. Larry Brown is treating this game as an informal practice by letting his bench get more burn before the playoffs.

                            BETTER LUCK NEXT YEAR BITCHES!!!

                            P.S Larry Brown is an a-hole.


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                              Chicago up by a million. We're boned. Gerald Wallace has like 1 rebound after avergaging something insane like 11. Ring ring phone it in Charlotte.