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Game #11: Toronto Raptors 101 - Sacramento Kings 107

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    Not necessarily easier to be a genius in that scenario either, because the expectation is so much higher; i.e., NBA Finals, or the coach is messing things up. Bottom line is that coaches can and do put their players in positions to fail or at least not maximize their potential at every talent level (scrub, average or elite).

    That's why some people are calling Brad Stevens a coaching genius. He's got a lineup of scrubs and average players, but he's got them playing smart basketball, way above the sum of parts and expected results. Not even borderline all-star talent on that roster. Also because he did the same thing on multiple occasions in college, with Butler.
    Carlisle, Pop do the same thing. Mavs haven't had a good roster except Dirk since they won it all but they win 50+ and reach the playoffs in the West every year. Spurs do it so often nobody talks about it