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    raptors999 wrote: View Post
    Casey is that dumb, its the same crap since he arrived.

    If Demar wasn't a FA I'd say try him under a new coach. Under Triano he was used as a SG - shooting off screen and curls, cutting, with much less ball-handling.

    It's really a timing issue. Casey has to go and its risky to re-sign Demar to a big deal with no evidence he can play another way. I wouldn't hate it if Casey gets fired and Demar is kept
    Everything has been tight lipped but it seems the players are tuning out DC.


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      rightsideup wrote: View Post
      Interesting thread I think JV had the trust of lowry and derozan and even during this down period there are periods of these games where both guys have tried to feed him but the team as a whole is starting and finishing poorly and they get back in games with either ball movement and or effective driving they lose these these traits when the opponent makes a run. This could be a fatique thing in Utah but that excuse could not be used in the sac and gs game. This is an issue both the collective (management,coaching and players have to resolve) or change is required.

      RightSideUp...Big Ups!!!

      Also realize that after making the effort, they Return right back to ISO SELFISH mode that had them losing....
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        white men can't jump wrote: View Post
        Yup, which is why the process should have started a year or two ago.

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        No arguments from me

        I've wanted it for a couple of years


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          Where u gather that tuning out Casey from