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Bosh Needs To Be At The Game Tonight

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    Apollo wrote: View Post
    He should. He's the team captain. He should thank the fans for coming out and supporting the team all year. I would understand if he didn't though, I mean he did just break his face. Talking may be very painful.

    The man just broke his face for crying out loud. Maybe he doesn't want to do any talking right now because it's painful? Maybe he doesn't want to come out and say something like you suggested because he just broke his face and doesn't know if he would be able to play? I mean if I'm him, I wouldn't guarantee uncertainties because if I can't delivered I'm getting ran out of town in a barrel.
    okay, it's not like it was that severe it was less severe than bogut's injury he prolly has a swollen face, so he can't play, but did it really require surgery? i don't know.

    but, if it's not even that bad i'm going to be pissed if he doesn't at least come out to the final game of the season. you owe it to the fans, to us.

    if he leaves that would be really pathetic on his part not even shwing up after being injured and just chilling at home.
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      I'm sure he is a ton of pain, both mental and physical, but that is the price of being the guy, maybe it all makes sense now. A true franchise guy in my opinion takes the bullets for his teammates regardless of his own personal turmoil.

      With KG last year, he hurt his knee, never let on how bad it was and it gave the celtics hope that if they could just survive until he got back, maybe he could carry them back a championship. KG put the team before himself and it nearly drove him insane.