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No man's land. How do you get out of it?

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    S.R. wrote: View Post
    Golden State's numbers, holy shit. That's against winning teams.
    The Warriors are on another level of winning.


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      CNinja26 wrote: View Post
      My take:

      (1) Get a true superstar, a proven #1 or #2 option who can carry the burden of a team - Lowry is there, but he can't do it alone. Ideally this person is a wing (2 or 3).

      (2) DeRozan needs to go (UNLESS we can sign him for a non-max salary AND we bring in a coach who can keep his inefficient game and poor decision making in check). He's not a #1 or #2 option player.

      (3) KEEP LOWRY AT ALL COSTS - elite PG's are essential in today's NBA and he is one of them

      (4) Fire Casey - hire a good coach

      Everything else is just minor tweaking.
      I would not resign DeMar in any case. Like the guy and the player but he should not be part of the long term plan. I would add find a legit starting PF who is not 35 years old.


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        slaw wrote: View Post
        But those wins don't count man because the other team wasn't trying or they were tired or they had injuries or the Raps just got lucky or Saturn was in it's Taurus phase or something. But can you believe they lost 2 of those games!? God the Raptors suck. Terrible.
        24 and 7.


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          DanH wrote: View Post
          24 and 7.


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            No man's land. How do you get out of it?

            I think no man's land should be teams not good enough to make the playoffs and not bad enough to get a top pick.

            Having said the above.... Is Philly actually in no man's land?? When will they ever win again?

            They need some vets on that team. Yes, they may win a few more games with vets, but the young guys are developing in a losing culture. They're breaking records for consecutive losses.....Yikes. Now that's no man's land!

            Nobody wants to be where they're at. It looks like all the losing is finally having its toll. If I'm a player on that team, I get out of that situation as soon as it's possible.

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              slaw wrote: View Post
              I would disagree that Toronto is in "no man's land" and I don't want to get into the treadmill/tank debate but Ujiri isn't going to blow up a team that has won 48 and 49 games (and will win about that again) and will make the playoffs three years straight. It isn't going to happen. He didn't sign Carroll, JV, Joseph and try to sign Aldridge cause he wants to rebuild. This trade Lowry and Derozan nonsense is fantasy land stuff. It isn't happening.
              What would you suggest to get over the hump ? I.e. Past the first round.


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                Shantz wrote: View Post
                Didn't think it deserved it's own thread, but thought this should be seen. Here it is:

                Raptors are currently tied with Golden State for the most wins (5) against teams with a record over .500, and have the third best winning percentage in such games (behind San Antonio and GS obviously) at .714.
                What about vs sub .500 teams? We let up ...that's why we are not a really good team.