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how many of you have nba tv Canada?

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  • how many of you have nba tv Canada?

    What do you think of it?what would you improve?

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    I do. It's pretty good gives many live games (often games televised by TNT) often not found on SN and TSN. Raptors pre/post game shown live, replays of prev. games (if you missed any playoff game for instance it will be shown the following day from when it was aired in full), summer league and international/USA national team games televised here consistently. Many more things unique to this channel but those are reasons why I like the channel.

    Can't think of what I would change.... maybe show less of the hardwood classics games as they often replay the same ones ad nauseam.


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      I have it. To add on, Raptor games are always replayed the next day at 12 noon. They show replays of open gym. Yea I also agree they should show less hardwood classics.

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        I have the channel but rarely watch it outside of the odd game. When the channel was RapsTV, they had some shows on there where they'd have Raptors panels, talk shows, etc. I know it's NBATV now but I think that adding some more Raptors-related stuff would be good. Maybe a week in review show, something like daily Raptors Lunch or Raps Breakfast show where they bring on a panel of reporters/bloggers to talk Raps, doing a basketball clinic show where they break down the technical parts of the game beyond the hustle and leadership and effort stuff.


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          Only watch the Raps post-game on it


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            I LOVE NBA TV.

            It's such a good channel to just have on in the background, which is basically how I watch TV these days.

            I'd love if they showed Open Court more often, just any of the old episodes, if they wouldn't spoil the Hardwood Classic games with the title and if they showed more documentaries, but they've upped it quite a bit in the last few years.

            It's become a bit more competitive now with TSN having no NHL and having 5 channels to fill but a few years ago NBA TV was showing one out of market game, and usually 2, at least 3 nights a week.


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              I have it. It's decent, but not great. It's higlights are pre and post game coverage, NBA gametime, and I sometimes catch "Open Gym". Catching a classic game now and again is great too!


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                I have it. I love it.

                Raptors post up after games

                Raptors game in an hour for the most recent game and also the last game vs. The next team we play

                Open gym is awesome. Every Raptor fan should watch it!

                Open Court is pretty good too

                NBA Gametime every night where they rap up all the games around the league

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