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OKAY GUYS - 16 Games In - Four Questions

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    suspenders wrote: View Post
    I'm not an expert, but here are my thoughts.

    1) Cory Joseph

    2) Not really

    3) Yes

    4) About where I expected them to be

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      1. CoJo has been a revelation as backup PG, especially considering what we got last year. I am terrified that Casey will ruin him.

      2A. Scola in a roundabout way. We need a top flight starting PF, and Scola kind of papers over the edges of that need. He's doing great, but I wish we had packaged assets for a PF ASAP. Now we have Ross at $33m and PPat's value decreases daily, I think that situation festers with time. I would choose keeping PPat if I could criticize a move-by-omission.

      2B. On the same theme, I like Wright, but in hindsight I wish we had drafted Bobby Portis to bolster our PF ranks. He would play more meaningful minutes for us going forward than Wright will (barring big trade). I also think we're a better fit for Portis than Chicago right now.

      3. Nebulous question. Could he start for this year's Sixers? Sure! Could he start for the 2013 NBA Champion Miami Heat in place of Mario Chalmers? Probably! Could he start for a lot of teams in-between and have success ... maybe! Better question is WILL he be a starting NBA PG, and I say yes - and for the Raps. Not for the next couple years tho.

      4. Pretty close overall, but more volatile. Win streak, lose streak, win streak. Great wins, bad losses.
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        thead wrote: View Post
        1.) What player do think has exceeded both what you perceive their contract value to be, and the expectations you had for them this season?
        Joseph.. honestly thought he was signed for his passport. He's blown me away. Favourite guy on the team next to Lowry and JV.

        thead wrote: View Post
        2.) Is there an offseason move you were in favor of but now have doubts? Or contrary to that is there a move you had doubts about that you may have been wrong about?
        The drafting of Wright seemed like a good move, but then signing Joseph made him expendable. He's a senior so is supposed to help right away. Not sure if he'll get much of a chance unless there is an injury.. and even then I don't trust Casey to play him when there is. This is really a hindsight thing though as the draft came up before CoJo was even available so can't really be too upset. Plus Wright should have some trade value if it came to that.

        thead wrote: View Post
        3.) Do you think Cory Joseph could be a starting PG in this league/on this team?
        Yes... not on this team though. Lowry is still the MVP.

        thead wrote: View Post
        4.) Is this team ahead of where you thought they would be, behind, or right around what you expected?
        I would say ahead.. with the rough schedule to start to the season I thought they'd be worse (close to .500). So they have exceeded my expectations. Still don't have faith they will get to the 2nd round and that's a more important goal then regular season success. Don't like the minutes that Lowry and Carroll are getting day to day. That's going to hurt.