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    so I dont understand where the big mistake was made drafting Bargs. Re Oneal BC needed to solve the TJ problem so made that deal.
    i dont think Bargs is a bust and i never argued that he wasnt a good top 1 pick, what i was pointing out was Bargs was an obvious PF in a C's body. If you watch his euro games, he was a true bred PF. He was never a post player or a post defender. BC knew this very well coming in to the 2006 draft, but he gambled on this youngster thinking they could turn him into a C. He was never in-sync with CB. Yes for a couple of games they were a high scoring duo, but there were not enough rebounds and blocks. There was no inside presence coz both of them either played on the perimeter or Bargs hung around the 3 point line.

    Getting TJ was a big mistake coz Jose was climbing up the ranks and it was obvious that sooner or later he will be the starter. O'neal was also a mistake, we already had Bargs, why would they get another starting C? Plus he had a whopping contract and he hasnt played a full season in 3 years before we got him. Im not sure why they trade for Marion and didnt keep him, he's been a beast for Dallas. We couldve gotten him for way less than what we paid Turk.