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    Scott Phillips, touched on the fact blind faith and support or two different things.

    Toronto is home to major league sports. Many. We're sold the big sell, we won't buy into the soft sell, gradual return, build something over time. We buy in completely and often more so after cost overruns and we poke the public coffers every now and then to finish a stadium. We want people with aspirations and fervor. We may be fickle, and easy to turn but because we have the capacity to dream big and let our imagination run we have the capacity to get burnt. Hard. I mean I know dudes that won't say World Series Walkoff Joe's last name just cus some little shit skipped town.

    Over and over, we buy in wholly and completely. And over and over, we're burned. So excuse the scorned for lashing out, excuse our media for being timid and complacent while the goings good, and the second it turns bad its rabid and relentless.

    We of the big smoke are no more no less than the human players you ask us to show dignity and mercy when we feel slighted by performance. Show us leeway when we don't meet the criteria used to describe us when selling the free-agent the life of TeeDot as they don't meet the ppg's, apg's and BALL abilities on their stat sheet.

    Support for one's team is shown in a myriad of emotions and posts for that matter. Some of us see lame effort and broken promises and feel we need to remind the team by booing or cursing them to lose. But remember its because we cared enough to be promised something, that ultimately was denied, that got us to that point.\\\

    TLR---> it sucks Bosh and Calderon take the hit for essentially our hate for MLSE. But our tears paid their kids through Med-School they can cut us some slack.

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    Amen RJ .... and here's to a summer of healing and hopefully a brighter future here in Raptorland.