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ACC Blocking Texts Last Night?

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  • ACC Blocking Texts Last Night?

    Was anyone else there?

    Colin Alschotz and I were there, and we couldn't for the life of us find the basketball scores (for the Bulls game, obviously) anywhere!
    The scoreboard was only showing scores for baseball and hockey.

    People were trying to get the score on their phones, and almost everyone we talked to had trouble receiving data on their phones. I was trying to text, but it would take several minutes for the texts to send. Very strange considering my reception was excellent in the arena. Texts that were sent to me never arrived until half way through the fourth quarter, and then they all came at the same time. All data on my phone was super lagged, again despite the perfect reception on the phone. This was happening to everyone we talked to.

    Once we were outside of the ACC, everything worked perfectly again.

    Just one of the strangest things I've ever seen.

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    so the crowd won't boo the raps :P