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Things Likely to Get Even Worse for Hedo Next Season

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  • Things Likely to Get Even Worse for Hedo Next Season

    James from Dino Nation brings up a good point, that being with the world championships in Turkey this summer in all likelihood Hedo will not only play, but likely bring his "A" game. No doubt he'll also likely come into camp either tired or injured from this summer, so if there is a god and an opportunity to deal Hedo this summer is it a "no brainer" that we rid ourselves him now while we can? Or does anyone here besides Raffy15 want to see what Hedo can do when he's the main focal point on a team considering Bosh is likely finished here?

    The most scary thing of all it is only likely to get worse. If you were not aware the World Championships will be held in Turkey this summer. No surprise that Hedo will be playing for Turkey as he did last summer. So once again we will start with a tired Hedo that has given a better effort for his nation then the team paying him 53 million bucks. This comes on the heels of Colangelo admitting through a trade with Miami that his last big move Jermaine O’Neal was a complete and total failure. That cost the Raptors not only T.J Ford, who I will admit has struggled in Indiana, but it cost us Roy Hibbert who if you have watched this season is becoming a pretty decent center. A much more traditional option at center than Andrea Bargnani. As for the Raptors draft choice from that draft. He was unloaded in the Hedo deal and later moving on to Minnesota. Nathan Jawai most of us barely knew ya. I did cause I did a ton of research on him and was hopeful he could turn out into something. A heart condition before training camp would render him pretty much useless. It was unfortunate for him but more so for the Raptors when you check out what they could have had in Hibbert.
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