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They Aren't "Sleepers" Anymore

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  • They Aren't "Sleepers" Anymore

    You know, for all the negativity the Delfino and Ukic trade to the Buck drew it now looks like genius at work. The Raptors landed two sleepers and both ended up being golden.

    Both Amir and Sonny became more and more confident as their minutes increased and the season progressed. These two guys are the kind of glue pieces any team needs to win. They go out and play hard. You know what you can count on with them and then sometimes they give you a little extra something something. I would love to see both stay but it may not happen... Sonny should be here next season but is anyone thinking some team is going to get a little crazy and over pay for Amir? I mean we went through a similar thought process with Joey last off-season, thinking someone might over pay for his athletic ability but he fell through the cracks and was lucky to find a team. Amir no doubt is better than Joey but still, these are hard economic times right now down south. Maybe the Raptors retain him at a very reasonable price?

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    I don't think that with the reduced cap anyone will overpay Johnson.

    My guess is that he wants minutes and to be included in the offense.

    I think if CB4 bails that there is a good chance that Johnson will sign with the Raptors.

    My only concern is if the Raptors replace Triano will whoever replaces him talk to the Pistons about Johnson and decide to try and turn him back into a defense only player.

    I am not going to get into the Triano debate however I will say this.

    He is to be commended for working Johnson into the Raptors offense as the year went on.

    Even with the adjustment of moving Jack to the second unit Johnson's numbers were up significantly post all-star

    Pre All-star

    MPG - 17
    PPG - 5.2
    RPG - 4.7
    FG% - 59%
    FT% - 60%
    FPG - 3.2

    Post All-star

    MPG - 19
    PPG - 8.0
    RPG - 5.0
    FG% - 66%
    FT% - 76%
    FPG - 3.0

    As a Starter 5 games Post All-star

    MPG - 33
    PPG - 17.8
    RPG - 6.0
    FG% - 70%
    FT% - 85%
    FPG - 3.6
    APG - 1.8
    Assists to Turnover Ratio 3.0

    It is unheard of for any big man to have an Assists to Turnover ratio of 3.0. Hell, that was better than Jack's. In the last 2 games Johnson averaged 3.5 APG. He can do even better.

    It is and always has been in my opinion a fallacy about his game to think that he is primarily a defender and rebounder. Yes he plays pretty good defense but his game was before he came to the Pistons on offense. Hopefully wherever the winds up next year he will be given the opportunity to continue to develop that.
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      You know, I've been looking at the draft prospects a lot lately and Ed Davis is a guy who, the more I thought about it, fit what the Raptors needed but then it dawned on me... What's the difference between Davis and Johnson beyond all Johnson's pro experience and training? I think they need to keep him if he's willing to accept a bench role for now. He's only 22. If he were coming out of college right now he would be a lotto pick for sure.