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Bosh Gone? What Happens Now?

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  • Bosh Gone? What Happens Now?

    Signed Players (with 2010-2011 salary)

    1) Bargnani ($8 million)2) Jack ($4.86 million)5) Belinelli ($2.4 million)
    He stays. We can bitch about his salary, but Reggie makes twice that.

    6) Banks ($4.7 million next season)7) Evans ($5.1 million)
    Great guy to bang with the toughies, but please ... stop f*@king posting up, Reggie. This is one expensive cheerleader. Like Banks, possibly a summer or mid-season trade commodity.

    8) Weems ($0.85 million)9) DeRozan ($2.5 million)
    Still very young, but with budding potential. Has to come off the Bench again next year. Make room for a top quality 2, and let Demar develop.

    Not Signed (Current salary)

    1) Wright ($2.1 million)2) Johnson ($3.67 million this year. Do I hear RAISE.) 3) Dorsey
    1) Nesterovic RapthoseLeafs

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    I didnt really hear too much or follow the Joey Dorsey saga in much detail. Exactly why was he brought in and never dressed for the remainder of the season? Was it to try to secure him for next year or for some other reason? I heard he's a tought nosed defender and shot blocker, couldnt he have helped to provide a little spark in Sundays game if even for a couple mins to bang Noah around?