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GAME #42 - Boston Celtics 109 - Toronto Raptors 115

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  • iblastoff wrote: View Post
    also complete bullshit when people whined about the 'last 3 minutes is all iso' crap.

    first of all, raptors were not 'up by 10 at the 3 min mark' like someone mentioned. the score was tied.

    3 min mark - derozan starts entering the paint, collapses the defense, kicks out to lowry for a 3.
    2 1/2 min mark - lowry dumps it from near the elbow to patterson in the weakside corner, who passes it back out to ross for a 3.
    45 sec left - derozan gets a mismatch with olynyk and shoots right over him.
    I brought that up in reference to most of our games this year, where we blow our large lead near the end of the game by going full on iso. Only reason I brought it up is because posters were trying to use Stevens going Iso with 40 seconds left down by 4 as some sort of vindication of Casey going Iso all the time late in 4th quarters. When you have that little time left and need 2 scores to tie, you can't run a normal offense, you need to score immediately, and iso is good for that. When you are up by 10 with 3 minutes left (a situation we have been in many many times this year), dribbling out the shot clock to 5 seconds left and chucking a contested iso jumper is not a good strategy.



      please put up the Heat thread so we can talk smack! Even if it's just a placeholder. I want to comment about the amazing number of Heat injuries and have nowhere to say it.


      • Bahahahahah