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Could we have been the Warriors ten years ago?

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  • Could we have been the Warriors ten years ago?

    So it was the 10 year anniversary of Kobe's 81 point game a few days ago and it got jerome thinking about the old Raptors team, and it suddenly occurred to jerome that we could have had a line up of Bosh, Iguodala, Mo Pete, VC, and Alvin Williams. And off the bench we have Donyell Marshall and Jalen Rose... OK maybe we trade JRose for someone who'll actually play defense. That seemed like a perfect line up for some serious small ball.

    Instead, Mr Babcock gave us Hoffa, Eric Williams and Aaron Williams...

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    Steph is way better than Vince ever was.

    Bosh and Iggy's primes didn't really line up with Vince's either. Iggy also has become kinda a better player (his shooting is much better) since then as has Bosh.

    The rest of the guys aren't really worth discussing. Alvin Williams was at the end of his career (after 2003-2004, he played 2 total games) and its certainly worth discussing how good he was. Mo Pete is a solid role player as was Marshall.

    Rose was also on the downside of his career at that point but yeah as a secondary scoring option would look ok.

    The biggest problem with this team is the defense and three point shooting is no where near comparable to the Warriors (which are their best features)


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      The entire reason this Warriors team works is because of the unique nature of Steph and Draymond. We didn't have anyone anything like either of them. Steph is such a massive historical outlier in terms of his shooting ability.


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        Steph is dangerously close to (if not already at) peak LeBron/Jordan tier offensively at this point.

        So no, not really.


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          Just to put Curry in perspective.


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            Yes steph is making his own mark an incredible shooter who works on other facets in his game such as and not limited to his handle. Very nice to see he got over his ankle injuries to reach the level he is at now.