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Raptors 3 Point Defense - Cause for Concern?

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    JWash wrote: View Post
    Part of the reason we give up a high 3P% is because of the way we defend pick and rolls this year.
    Are you saying it's JV's fault?

    I'm kidding!
    "We're playing in a building." -- Kawhi Leonard


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      Scola usually get torched by stretch bigs.

      Barolt wrote: View Post
      This once again seems to be a case of the more starters(not named Carroll), the worse it gets.

      KL/DD/DC/LS/JV give up 3s at a 37.5% clip.
      KL/DD/JJ/LS/JV give up 3s at a 42.9% clip.
      KL/CJ/TR/PP/BB give up 3s at a 30.5% clip.
      CJ/DD/TR/PP/BB give up 3s at a 28.1% clip.
      KL/DD/DC/LS/BB give up 3s at a 42.3% clip.

      Those are all of our lineups over 100 minutes.

      Strangely, looking at our top 10 lineups, the biggest identifier is Scola, not DeMar. Every single lineup with him in it gives up 3s at a 37%+ rate. Every lineup without him is bettween 28-31%.

      Makes me believe DeMar is helping into the paint more when Scola is out there.


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        Cody73 wrote: View Post

        I have a feeling that might be our best line-up to stop 3's with.
        I have a feeling that might be our best line-up OVERALL !