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Raptors waive AB, sign Jason Thompson

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  • 92TillInfinity wrote: View Post
    PJ Brown
    ORTG : 110
    DRTG : 102

    ORTG : 107
    DRTG : 110

    Should this be at all concerning? Whats the deal with ORTG and DRTG? From what I understand, its better to use it as a comparison to the Team's ORTG/DRTG as a whole, right? Comparing it player to player doesnt show any real value?
    Basketball reference's individual ORTG and DRTG are two entirely different beasts. Individual ORTG is basically how efficient the player is - so should be viewed in the context of how much usage they get - higher usage usually means a lower ORTG, because it is hard to maintain efficiency as defences key in on you more.

    DRTG is a mess - it's an adjustment from the team DRTG with something called a "stop rate" which is a kind of statistical guess of how often a player stops their individual cover. It's largely of no value comparing this number across different teams.