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Game 59 - Utah Jazz 94 - Toronto Raptors 104

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  • A.I wrote: View Post
    Did you not see Curry's 3 point game winner against the Thunder? I'm okay with him having a 100% usage in those type of situations.
    That was an absolutely horrible and unneeded shot that had no business going in.

    Curry is in a league of his own at this point. Even 2K can't replicate that stuff.
    "My biggest concern as a coach is to not confuse winning with progress." - Steve Kerr
    "If it's unacceptable in defeat, it's unacceptable in victory." - Jeff Van Gundy


    • Barolt wrote: View Post
      This is fair.

      Would you consider it relevant that when behind or tied in last 5 minutes/5 or less differential Lowry/DeMar have a combined 65.3% usage, and DeMar's eFG% is 38.7% in these scenarios?

      In checking for noise: 2nd highest usage, 2nd highest eFG% in his career in this situation. Last year he was better at 43.4% eFG%.
      Relevant to what? Not sure what that means. Relevant to winning games? Well, they are 40-19, so, if those numbers are "bad" they certainly don't seem to be negatively impacting the win-loss column. Relevant to an evaluation of the player? Sure. Are his numbers materially worse than similar players in similar situations? Is the fact he's on the floor in those situations relevant outside of his shooting percentages? How does he impact his teammates in the clutch? Is the team better with him out there? Do his numbers fall off more than other similar players in similar situations?

      I'm not sure how referring to last year is 'checking for noise' or even what you mean by that. I haven't run any numbers but, if I had to guess, it would be that all players given enough time and opportunity generally fall fairly close to their full game numbers in the clutch with some observable downgrade due to the circumstances of late game situations.