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  • white men can't jump wrote: View Post
    People remember what they want. The narrative has now become Demar was the key to us winning that series. JV was easily our best player, and if he didn't show up to play I could see us getting swept.

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    People thought Demar was the key to us winning the series?

    Did they actually watch the series?


    • I just caught the last 7 minutes of game 7 on NBA tv Canada With the tnt broadcast they pointed out a foul on DeMar on Mahami. As bad as we looked handling the ball there were some very bad feeds to JV but he also missed some put backs that he generally makes.
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      • MixxAOR wrote: View Post

        Only so "so good" it seems. I guess playing a part in Raptors history is unforgivable.
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        • Derozan is just garbage

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          You come at the King, you best not miss.


          • Things that changed since this last game seven:

            - JV is out.
            - Kyle is hitting shots again.
            - DD is playing higher percentages finally.
            - Biz has stepped up and is playing great.
            - Norm has fallen off but I think it's due to mismatches.
            - Ross is playing better but is still making some seriously bone head plays.
            - Pat is struggling to hit pretty much anything.
            - Bebe has given them ok minutes; never thought he'd see the light of day in this post season. Good for him, development is going well.
            - JJ sightings. Not much happening but decent D.
            - Scola finally got benched.
            - Casey is making better adjustments and interesting rotations but the offensive struggles at times is killing the the team.
            - Officiating has become atrocious. No trouble to tell they do not respect the Raptors.