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Colin Cowherd on Toronto, DeRozan and Canada

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    TRex wrote: View Post
    I also want to add, the timing of this DeRozan to LA rumour or speculation is very strange. Stephen A Smith the other day and now Cowherd. Like, why now? this is a distraction.
    Steven a (does a stand for asshole) Smith & this cowturd guy? 2 intelligent sports personalities w impeccable sources.
    And somebody is concerned that their "opinions/views" match (Demar to LA)?
    I am a lot more concerned about not being able to have a good dump this morning.
    Please close the thread & move on.


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      we have been called worse by better people ...

      just another person far away from the organization taking a wild guess. Yes derozan may leave he has talked about how he loves the city ( which includes the weather ) loves the org and is very proud of being here during the dark times to turn it around to be a winning team

      and winter people are the best people, always helpful to each other because thats what you have to do to survive in a harsh enviroment i would never want to be in a hot and sweaty place, full of bugs ( love that about canada, winter kills all the flies, mosquitos etc )