Well, Scraptor got us two wins, figured I'd try my luck.

Keys To The Win

  • Turnovers: Raptors in losses this series: 18 Turnovers per game, Raptors in Wins: 14.5 Turnovers per game. Our turnovers are directly leading to a lot of their offense and we can't afford to do that
  • Make Your Shots: Raptors shooting 27/98 from 3 so far. We can't win this series with that kind of shooting
  • DeMar Derozan (And Kyle Lowry): Put Up Or Shut Up: Pretty straight forward here, Demar hasn't played well all four games (except for half of game 3) and Lowry's been bad in games 1&4. We need these guys to step up in order to win this series

Predicted Starting Lineups


Lucky Red (We don't even wear purple anymore) Charm: