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  • Team VS Superstars

    First off I think its awesome that we won on the backs of our bench. We have done that more or less all year. My question is do you really think it's possible to win another round (Assuming our stars do better) on the backs of our bench. Our overall talent appears to be better then most in the NBA. I personally think Miami will be a much tougher test then Cleveland. I think we can make it to Cleveland but it will be another 6-7 game series.

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    My guess is Lowry and Demar have to be better against Miami then they were against Indy in order to advance. But I think they will both have an easier task offensively then they did against Indy. Miami is a very solid team, and they have good defenders, but I don't think they can match the George's that Indy threw at Lowry and Demar.


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      we don't have superstars.

      so if the ball doesn't move, im not expecting much.