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  • predictions?

    heat in 5 or raps in 6. i think if the heat win game one and two because we are so happy to make round two it is done in 5. if the raps get a split at home, raps in 6

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    Heart says Raps in 7, head says Heat in 6.
    "Stay steamy"

    - Kobe


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      Raptors are the guy on the left

      OG is our king


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        Raps in 7, once again. I would say 6, but I just don't see them closing it out in Miami.

        I also think Kyle is gonna break out of his shooting funk.


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          consmap wrote: View Post
          Raptors are the guy on the left

          Who is the spear?


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            It'll be interesting going against both a team with a good coach and a roster greater than just Paul George. We had troubles scoring at the rim against Mahinmi and Turner, now try Whiteside, plus Miami still has good perimeter defenders...

            This being said, I see Norman Powell getting 30 min a game and leading us to a series win in 6 games!


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              DogeLover1234 wrote: View Post
              Who is the spear?
              Powell is all of the spears.


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                Gonna go bold on this one

                Miami in 5 with at least one 30 point blowout


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                  tucas wrote: View Post
                  Powell is all of the spears.
                  That is the correct answer!


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                    Raptors in 7 in da 6ix

                    Powell plays more

                    Ross starts to falls out the rotation
                    JJ gets to play in atleast one game

                    Lowry plays like normal lowry
                    Derozan plays like him normal self

                    JV doesnt do as good with Whiteside defending him however has atleast one 20/10 or 18/12 game

                    Bismack gets the block of the plays
                    Bismack also gets dunked on

                    Whiteside averages 4 blocks but also 4 fouls
                    Whiteside also gets ejected in atleast one game

                    A game winner happens in one of the games

                    And lastly, Crowd/Jurasstic Park chants "Beats the Cavs" in game 7 win

                    Atleast one of those predictions are true, likely most of them
                    Abbas wrote:

                    First of all i was my own source


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                      Raps in 6. This time we take both at home, split the road games, drop the 5th as their shooters catch fire and close it out in Miami.


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                        Inside the*#Raptors*lockerroom no excessive cheering. Binders are by each locker, they read: Eastern Conference Round 2 Toronto vs Miami

                        — Matthew Scianitti (@TSNScianitti)May 2, 2016

                        I liked reading this.

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                          Raptors in 6, book it.


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                            DD will hit 50% of his shots in at least ONE game.


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                              Only one thing matters: We The Champs.