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so which is a foul?

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  • so which is a foul?

    I re watched of a couple plays on nba tv and recall a couple of plays one was a flagrant 1 were Patrick was defending Love closely and Love had the ball above his head swung his elbows once or twice and hit pat on the jaw and almost knocked him unconscious the first one to give his thoughts was marc jackson and he said it should be a flagrant one and of course jeff van gundy disagreed and said that pat invaded loves personal space and he was just clearing out room the nba consultant agreed with jackson and said love new he was there and unnecessarily and intentionally cause contact above the head with the potential to injure pat. Pat went down like he was cold cocked by tyson or earnie shavers.
    then somehow they compared that to call were Carrol in a slashing motion hit lebron on the arms while he had the ball
    and jackson said thats a hard common foul and of course van gundy said it was a flagrant one. The offical said he made contact near the ball to prevent lebron from blowing by and scoring just a aggressive foul.

    does anyone disagree with jackson and the official calls or think maybe like I do that van gundy was way off base