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With the 13th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft the Toronto Raptors select

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  • With the 13th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft the Toronto Raptors select

    Xavier Henry SG HIGHLIGHTS

    Strengths: Eighteen year old freshman with an effortless, fluid style ... His body is NBA ready - built like a freight train possessing tremendous strength ... Ideal frame for a shooting guard or small forward at the next level. Naturally gifted scorer (28 ppg as a HS senior) with a deadly shooting eye. Prolific shooter from beyond the arc with tremendous range. Pure stroke with a quick, smooth release. No hitches ... Uses his legs very well on his shot getting good lift ... Effective slashing to the hoop where he can attack the rim and seek out contact ... Finishes extremely well, shrugging off defenders with ease ... Gets to the free throw line regularly and is automatic. Active on the glass ... Can be a terrific rebounding wing with his strength and freakish wingspan (6.7 per game in 2009 and 7.2 in 2008) ... A thief when playing off the ball defensively, reading passing lanes and intercepting passes (1.7 spg through his first seven collegiate games). Refreshing positive attitude on the court. Always smiling, seeming to truly enjoy the game of basketball ... Hard worker and very coachable, which is rare for a player of his stature.

    Weaknesses: A strong athlete but not an elite level athlete ... Does not possess explosive speed, quicks or leaping ability, although his leaping ability is better than his foot speed ... His first step is mediocre and his face up game lacks creativity ... His options are limited when he puts the ball on the floor and is quite predictable ... Ball handling needs to improve drastically. Turnovers have been a bugaboo early on at 2 per game ... Needs to develop his right hand. Too left hand dominant on the dribble and on the finish ... Settles for too many long range shots. Should take advantage of his strength inside and attack more. Lack of comfort in the post game. He has the physical edge against any college SG or SF and would be wise to exploit it ... Defense runs through positive and negative patches. At times plays with excellent passion, and other times appears to be going through the motions ... Lateral quickness is not ideal, but his strength and length can mask that deficiency.

    Cole Aldrich C HIGHLIGHTS
    Strengths: Smooth bigman with great length and developing skills who has quickly become the premiere center in the country ... Shows solid basketball understanding/fundamentals and a high motor ... Made a huge jump during his sophomore season (going from a 3ppg 3 rpg player to 15 ppg and 11 rpg) and appears ready to take his game to another level in his junior season ... His long arms (7'4 wingspan) allows him to play a few inches bigger than his 6'11 height and patrol the paint ... Has good agility for a player his size and is beginning to develop good body control and offensive moves ... His overall feel for the game has begun to come around. His footwork in the post is superb and his post game is starting to become highly efficient ... He employs an effective hook shot as well as the ability to step out and hit shots facing the basket ... But to his credit he is not overly enamored with drifting away from the basket and focuses on using his size, strength and touch to score easy baskets in the paint ... Though the mechanics on his shot aren't pretty, they are effective ... A bigman who runs the floor well and can finish on the break ... Shows excellent coordination with the ability to convert plays in both the half court and on the break ... Defensively he has become a real presence as a shot blocker using his huge wingspan to inhale close to 3 blocks per game ... He shows solid vision finding teammates when he gets doubled and does a good job of finding open teammates cutting to the basket ... Soft hands give him the ability to gather rebounds or post passes and limit any fumbling of the ball ... Developed very good consistency in his sophomore year scoring in double figures in all but 4 games, and at least 8 points in every game ... Highly efficient offensively, shooting close to 60% from the floor ... His free throw shooting has shown improvement (68% to 79%) and become very effective ... Very solid in most areas ... Appears to be all 6'11 that he's listed and could even potentially measure that barefoot making him a legit 7-footer ...

    Weaknesses: Not overly explosive or a freakish athlete but his length and agility make him very effective ... His unorthodox shooting style (has a large range of motion on his shot and follow through) makes him appear to be less coordinated and less efficient than he actually is ... Not overly fiery. His demeanor is extremely even keeled ala Tim Duncan, but he shows a competitiveness when challenged ... Could look to extend his range out a little ways, but has shown nice development in his short to mid range shot ... Shows nice speed in the open floor, however his defensive speed laterally is a little slow. Granted most centers aren't as fleet of foot as other positions ... Has excellent strength for the college level, but will need to continue to bulk up and get nastier to contend with the beasts in the paint at the NBA level ... Added strength will also allow him to finish off plays around the basket even more effectively ... Developing a nastier on court disposition will help him. However, his choirboy appearance can be deceiving as he has no problem with physical contact ... Should focus on becoming more of a vocal and all around leader ...

    Hassan Whiteside C HIGHLIGHTS
    Strengths: A legit 7-footer with excellent size, strength and potential ... Has good agility and run/jump athleticism ... Very intriguing combination of physical attributes (7-feet and 230 lbs with a 7-6 wingspan) and an explosive athlete ... Imposing defensive presence due to his length and leaping ability ... Already a force defensively averaging 4.4 blocks per game in just over 20 minutes per game (through his first 7 games) ... An excellent rebounder, using his size and strength well on the glass at both ends ... Shows an exuberance for the game and should continue to develop as he gains experience ... Shows some nice things offensively with developing post skills and touch on his shot ... He is still in the early stages in his offensive development, so sticking around college 2-3 years would benefit him in the long run ...

    Weaknesses: Still a work in progress offensively. At times looks awkward in the post but appears to be gaining confidence ... He's born in 1989, so he's nearly 2 years older than the average freshman. But his upside is unmistakable ... Needs to work on his free throw shooting (currently shooting below 40%) ... Feel for the game is still raw, but not terrible ... Still needs to develop his upperbody strength (at 230) but has a solid frame and muscle mass to work with ... Needs to develop his passing skills to find teammates when doubled ... Should work on his post skills and develop better range on his shot ... Also must look to become more sure handed and cut down on turnovers, although he shows soft hands, and should be fine as he gains experience ...

    Patrick Patterson PF Davis PF George SF HIGHLIGHTS
    Strengths: Has great length and athleticism ... Smooth player, makes plays look effortless ... He has good court vision and is an excellent passer ... His length combined with his release point make his jump shot difficult to contest ... Can finish around the basket with finesse or power and can do so with either hand ... Outstanding three point shooter, shot 44.7 percent from behind the arc as a freshman ... His greatest strength may be his ability to play the game with maturity and understanding of someone well beyond his years ... Allows the game come to him, does not force plays and rarely takes bad shots ... He's a good rebounder because of his length and timing, and should be even better as he adds weight to his frame ... Led Fresno State as a freshman with six double-doubles ... His wingspan and basketball IQ allow him to disrupt the game on the defensive end of the court ... Has a tremendous basketball frame with huge wingspan and the ability to put a lot of weight on his wide shoulders ... He averaged 1.7 steals and 1.0 block per game last season in the Western Athletic Conference.
    Weaknesses: Listed at 6'7" 185, he'll need to add weight in order to absorb contact at the NBA level ... His first step and overall game is smooth rather than explosive, although strength should help him to become more explosive ... Has a tendency to play vertical, looks stiff at times on the court ... Good shooting percentages, but may need to speed up the release on his jump shot at the next level ... At times he can be unselfish to a fault ... Forty percent of his offensive attempts as a freshman were from the three point line, needs to become more adept at putting the ball on the floor ... Playing at Fresno State, there will be some criticism about his level of competition ...

    Eric Bledsoe PG