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2016 Best playoff series and story

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  • 2016 Best playoff series and story

    I want to first off thank all of the RR crew for doing what they do best and providing us with the best coverage on the net for all things Raptors related. Came here a few years ago when the blog that I used to follow and post at had their main staff poached by better jobs. You guys are great. I would love you guys to bring Phd Steve back for a podcast at some point too. Perhaps to discuss a recap of all that has happened and what to do moving forward.

    As the NBA playoffs wind down it got me thinking which series of the entire NBA was your favorite and which team had the best story line throughout the entire playoffs. Personally, I think that the Raptors had the best storyline and most exciting series if you exclude the Thunder/GSW series.

    The Pacers series was amazing because it showed that we could win with our system and helped to establish the type of team we would be moving forward. The Raptors used to be known as a soft team and now we are gritty and overall while our offence isn't the most beautiful we are learning the move the ball around and at times it an be a thing of beauty watching our offence. JV and the bench won this series for us and we saw the true emergence of guys like Norman Powell who, while not putting up offensively monstrous numbers, played solidly and helped us win key games.

    That 27-29 point comeback was absolutely insane. Best playoff game this year in my honest opinion. It helped us prove what it takes and what we need to do to make it.

    The Miami series in my opinion takes the cake. We really started to come into our own. It was sad to see JV go, however Lowry and DD started to really come into their own and played a lot more loosely. Additionally, while it was fun to watch Paul George do his thing, seeing the Raptors go up against a better team in Miami and take them down especially near the end was just fantastic and this series takes the top.

    The Cleveland series wasn't my favorite because we lost, but we showed that we can beat Cleveland when locked in. I still maintain my position that we are a better overall team then Cleveland because of our defence we just have offensive lapses and turn the ball over. We are honestly better and we proved that not only in the 2 wins but in how we won those two games. I think one thing that effected this series was fatigue. While our players will never use excuses it was clear that being banged up and having to play every two nights for almost a month vs a team that had barely played for a month that while we came ready to play we would be worn down.

    Bottom line Raptors still need more #Respeck from American media outlets but I am so happy and proud with this season, especially being a fan since the Vince days. With us also having a lottery pick I think this definitely is the best Raptors' basketball season so far and they will only build on it in the next year.

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    Don't agree about the Raptors being better than Cleveland, but yeah, I liked the two seven game series. Can't speak to which series in this years playoffs was qualitatively better, because I didn't watch any of the others. But since I didn't REALLY expect the Raptors to win against Miami after JV went down, it was pretty sweet.


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      GSW/OKC was terrific. SA/OKC had a couple good games in it and that was a great story. The Raps/Heat series was fairly interesting but it wasn't high quality. Honestly, the playoffs were largely anti-climatic this year....