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Prediction of FA and their Final Landing Spot

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  • Prediction of FA and their Final Landing Spot

    1) Lebron James - Lebron has already resigned with the Cavs and he will defend the Cavs and compete with the rest of the league for another championship

    2) Kevin Durant - I'm assuming KD will resign with the Thunder given the fact they have added Oladipo and Ilyasova along with their future starting PF in Sabonis. The Thunder just keep on getting better with more fire power to take the pressure off of KD and Westbrook. However, the Warriors will pry KD hard in the offseason

    3) Andre Drummond - The Pistons made to the playoff and they are keeping Drummond, his their franchise

    4) Hassan Whiteside - The Warriors, I see either the Lakers or the Warriors will pry Whiteside away from the Heat. The Warriors have better chance if they don't land KD, they would want to upgrade their C position given the fact that Bogut is near retirement.

    5) Mike Conley - I'm guessing the Bulls, the Bulls will have money to sign an allstar calibre player given the fact that DRose and possibly Noah and Jimmy Butler are gone in the offseason. The Bulls desperately need a PG and Mike Conley is the best PG in the market this offseason for the Bulls to pass

    6) Al Horford - The Hawks have lost nearly everyone in their starting lineup. I'm assuming Al Horford would resign with the Hawks on a multiyear deal and will remain as a Hawk at least throughout his prime years

    7) Dwight Howard - Howard has indicated he will not play with the Rockets, I'm guessing he will resign with the Magic, given the fact that they now have Ibaka or the Hawks, his hometown to join with Horford

    8) Bradley Beal - Beal isn't going anywhere, expect the WIzards to sign him to a multiyear deal

    9) Dwayne Wade - Resign back with the Heat for another two years stench and will retire as one of the best Heat player to ever play for the franchise

    10) Harrison Barnes - The Warriors if the Warriors fail to land both KD or Whiteside, if not, I expect him to sign with either the Nets or the Wizards

    11) Pau Gasol - Any championship contending team in the East, could join Lebron James with the Cavs for a ring chase or the West, like the Thunder or the Spurs

    12) Chandler Parsons - The Raps could use a player like Chandler Parsons who can knock down the open 3 and backup DeMarre Carroll but he won't come in cheap. I expect the Kings or the Jazz will be asking for his service and offer him a lucrative deal in the offseason

    13) Dirk Nowitzki - Obviously, return as a Mavs

    14) Rajon Rondo - I expect Rondo to play for a ring chaser team like the Warriors or Thunder, or go East and sign with the Cavs, Hornets, or back with the Celtics

    15) Nicholas Batum - The Hornets will lock him up to a multiyear deal

    16) Al Jefferson - He could return to the Timberwolves and provide some veteran leadership for the young Wolves or go for a ring chaser team in the West, Thunder, Warriors, Spurs, and even Mavs could use his help when playoff comes around

    17) Tim Duncan - He should retire but he may play 1-2 more years with the Spurs

    18) Ryan Anderson - The Lakers could sign him on a multiyear deal and he can provide the Lakers with some veteran help or he could go east and sign with the Cavs or the Hawks

    19) Luol Deng - I always like Deng and I think his one of the toughest and hardworking player in the league, hate to see him winding down his career without a ring. I expect him to sign for a ring chaser team like the Cavs or even teh Raptors could use his service or go West like the Spurs or the Warriors

    20) Jordan Clarkson - A very interesting FA in the offseason, I expect the Lakers will resign him to a multiyear deal, his their franchise PG

    21) Joakim Noah - I expect him will take the Wizards contract of 4 years 120 mil and run with it

    22) Bismack Biyombo - Sad to see him leave the Raptors for a one year stench to a superstar phenom of a blocker of a player, however, the Raptors could retain him, if not, I expect him to go for the money rather than a ring chasing team, his still young and could be a team's starting C for years to come, expect the Suns or Pelicans to sign him in the offseason

    23) Festus Ezeli - Played well in the playoff for the Warriors, I expect him to resign with the Warriors to a multiyear deal

    24) Evan Turner - Played well for the Celtics, if the money is right, the Raps could use his service as a backup SF, if not, I see Turner will sign with a Western Conference team

    25) Jeremy Lin - He should go back to where he started, the Knicks and backup DRose or go play for the Sacramento Kings or LA Clippers, more closer to home or return to the Rockets and be the bilingual help for the young Zhou Qi

    26) Kent Bazemore - I expect the Hawks to retain him and sign him to a lucrative deal

    27) Evan Fournier - I expect the Magic to resign him to a lucrative deal, his their starting SG now given the fact that Oladipo is gone.