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Legacy League match 8 JimiCliff vs e_wheazy

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  • Legacy League match 8 JimiCliff vs e_wheazy

    The legacy league was created to pit teams drafted by fellow RR members against each other and allow the general RR populous to vote on who would win this winner take all, single elimination game if all players were at their peak performance.

    Each team drafted an 8 man roster. Each team provided a gameplan justification as to why they believe they should get your vote. Each team is allowed 1 post for "in game adjustments." The role of RR community is simple, vote for who you believe should win. Post justification if you want (encouraged) and weigh the pros and cons for all to see, but ultimately, your vote decides who will win this tournament of legends.

    JimiCliff vs e_wheazy

    e_wheazhy Starting Lineup (Prime Stats):

    PG: Oscar Robertson - 6-5, 205 lbs, Averaged a triple double
    30.8 PTS, 80.3% FT, 12.5 REB, 11.4 AST, 48% FG

    SG: Grant Hill - 6-8, 225 lbs, 7x All Star, 5x All NBAer
    21.4 PTS, 9 REB, 7.3 AST, 1.8 STL, 30.3% 3FG, 14.6 WS, 114 ORTG, 100 DRTG, 8.0 BPM

    SF: Paul George - 6-9, 220lbs, 6-11.5 wingspan, 3X All Star, 3x All NBA Defensive Teamer
    23.1 PTS, 7.0 REB, 4.1 AST, 1.9 STL, 37.1 3FG, 107 ORTG, 97 DRTG, 10 WS, 6.4 DWS

    PF: Draymond Green - 6-7, 230lbs, 7-1 Wingspan, NBA Champ, 2x All NBA Defender
    9.5 REB, 7.4 AST, 1.5 STL, 1.4 BLKS, 38.8 3FG, 115 ORTG, 97 DRTG, 11.1 WS

    C: Kevin Garnett - 6-11, 240lbs, 7-6 wingspan12x All NBA Defensive Teamer, DPOY,
    23.0 PTS, 13.9 REB, 6.0 AST, 1.4 STL, 2.2 BLKS, 31.9% 3FG, 98 DRTG, 113 ORTG, 18.3 WS, 9.7 BPM


    John Wall - 6-4, 200lbs, 6-9 wingspan, 3x All Star, All NBA Defender
    19.8 PTS, 10.2 AST, 4.9 REB,1.9 STL, 35.1% 3P

    Anthony Davis - 6-10, 255lbs, 7-6 wingspan, 3x All Star, All-NBA first team, 2x NBA Blocks Leader, All-NBA Defender
    24.4 PTS, 10.2 REB, 2.2 AST, 1.5 STL, 2.9 BLKS, 32.4% 3FG, 122 ORTG, 100 DRTG, 14.0 WS

    Andre Iguodala - 6-6, 215lbs, 6-11 wingspan, NBA Champ, Finals MVP, 2x All-NBA Defender, All Star
    12.4 PTS, 6.1 REB, 5.5 AST, 1.7 STL, 39.4% 3FG, 108 ORTG, 98 DRTG, 7.3 WS

    Bob Lanier - 6-11, 250lbs, 8x All Star
    24 PTS, 13.3 REB, 4.6 AST, 1.4 STL, 3.0 BLKS 51% FG, 108 ORTG, 88 DRTG (YES, 88), 14.4 WS

    James Harden, 6-5, 220lbs, 6-11 wingspan, 4x All Star, 2x All NBAer
    29 PTS, 6.1 REB, 7.5 AST, 1.7 STL, 37.5% 3FG, 118 ORTG, 103 DRTG, 16.4 WS

    Playmaking on our squad comes from all positions, and smart cutters will keep defenders on their toes. 6'3 Dumars will have a tough assignment with any of our guys; we'll punish them for that.

    Our big men are elite passers and strong shooters from beyond 20 feet, stretching out Ewing/Zo and minimizing rim protection. Pick'n'pops will challenge their bigs - drop back and get beat from outside, hedge and give up easy layups to cutters. Big-to-big passing and high-low action exploits Pat/Zo's aggressive help D.

    Long, strong wing defenders give us confidence in switching PnRs, taking away their "bread and butter". PG/Dray/Iggy tandem have shown effectiveness in stopping Bron and KD. We'll shrink the floor on Clyde and stay tight on shooters without sacrifice - Dumars will have a tough time getting shots off over our taller players. Length helps deny Ewing post passes, and double off non-shooters.

    JimiCliff assumed Lineup
    PG - Walt 'Clyde' Frazier. 23.2 ppg, 51.2 fg% (1972). 7x 1st Team All-Defence.

    SG - Joe Dumars. 23.5 ppg (1993), 38.2 3pt% (career). 4x 1st Team All-Defence.

    SF - Kevin Durant. 32.0 ppg, 39.1 3pt%, NBA MVP (2014).

    PF - Lebron James. 26.8 ppg, 40.6 3pt%, NBA MVP, Finals MVP (2013). 5x 1st Team All-Defence.

    C - Patrick Ewing. 28.6 ppg, 10.9 rebs, 4.0 bpg, 1st Team All-NBA (1990). 3x Second Team All-Defence.


    1st Big - Alonzo Mourning, PF/C. 20.1 ppg, 11.0 rpg, 3.9 bpg (1999). 2x NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

    3 & D (& scoring too) - Eddie Jones, SG/SF. 20.1 ppg, 37.5 3pt%, 2.7 spg (2000). 3x Second Team All-Defence.

    Stretch Big - Cliff Robinson, F/C. 21.3 ppg, 37.1 3pt% (1995). 2x Second Team All-Defence.

    Instant Offence - 'Pistol' Pete Maravich, PG/SG. 31.1 ppg, NBA scoring champ (1977).

    Insurance Big - Elton Brand, PF/C. 24.7ppg, 10.0 rpg, 2.5bpg, NBA Sportsmanship Award (2006).

    JimiCliff gameplan


    Big issue with Wheazy's team is that he'll have a hard time finding the size and strength to match up with the Ewing/Mourning tandem down low. We'll be playing inside-out as much as possible to take advantage of the mismatches in the post. We'll also make heavy use of a Durant/Frazier p'n'r, and look for the switch of Wall onto KD and exploit that.


    Lebron's guarding the Big O, cause he has the quickness and strength to shut him down - especially so given that his workload on offence will be light.

    Dumars is on John Wall, slowing down the penetration.

    Then - Durant on George,
    Frazier on Hill, Ewing on whoever.

    In Game Adjustments - Coming Soon!

    So RR faithful, who wins this game?

    The poll is expired.

    Heir, Prince of Cambridge

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  • #2
    I'm really liking wheazy's lineup and game plan. Grant hill and iggy combo is insane. I'm gonna vote for wheazy.


    • #3
      Nice matchup. Need adjustments. Pistol Pete gotta work his magic!


      • #4
        We'll slide Cliff into the starting 5. Perfect defender for Draymond - long and quick. Dumars goes to the bench; will be shadowing Wall's subs. Lebron stays on Oscar. Durant/Robinson p'n'r will be explored. Robinson stretching the floor also means room inside, so Lebron will attack Oscar in the post.
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        • #5
          We're fine going under Clyde/KD PnRs or leaving Clyde momentarily to hedge. Can also switch KD/Cliff PnRs with PG/Dray/Iggy.

          Cliff's start means slow perimeter defenders which we'll burn continuously.

          PG guards Lebron - won't post Oscar, since we won't switch picks involving clyde - not a great shooter.
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          • #6
            I like e_wheazy's play making more but find JimiCliff's size advantage hard to overlook.
            Heir, Prince of Cambridge

            If you see KeonClark in the wasteland, please share your food and water with him.


            • #7
              Frazier actually was a pretty good shooter, I wouldn't leave him open.

              Nice matchup, hard to judge.


              • #8
                I'm going with Jimi, mostly gut feeling, a bit more talent on that team, a bit more winning, a few more dominant seasons. I think the plan to leave Frazier open on pnrs will also cause some harm.

                Interesting matchup, there are mismatches both ways. Jimi has more physical power, wheazy has size and quickness blended together well. Oscar, Grant Hill, George is a big perimeter and it's more 'natural' than Frazier, Durant, LeBron after Jimi's adjustments, quicker. KG is also much quicker than Ewing.

                Also team wheazy will move the ball better, I think.


                • #9
                  Very good teams but relying on Robinson to be the difference maker is flaccid. Difference in a close fight is the dude with the bigger PISTOL!
                  Vote wheazy.