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Legacy League match 19 e_wheazy vs Apollo

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  • JimiCliff
    Very tough choice, but my gut's saying Wheazy. Obvs Shaq vs. KG is a huge problem, but I see Wheazy's overall competitiveness overcoming it.

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  • Axel
    Apollo wrote: View Post

    EW's claims are untrue. His team can't hang with my team on the perimeter but that's besides the point. His top shooters like to take it inside, where most effective and so my zone strategy is sound: zone them, they settle for jumpers.

    No one ever contained Barry.
    I think the claim could still be true but it depends on the exact lineup. Outside of Curry and Klay, Apollo's team doesn't have great shooters. Dominique, Parker are all poor with Mitch being decent but not great. Paul George and Draymond are clearly better 3P shooters than anyone Apollo has at the SF and PF positions.

    Barry would struggle a bit with the size, length and athleticism of Paul George, who is just simply an excellent defender.

    KG vs Shaq is a hard matchup for wheazy, and it would either lead to a Shaq post up heavy game played at a snails pace, or it would lead to a predictable offence which wheazy would be able to throw enough help at (plus hack a Shaq is still an option).

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  • Axel
    Jeez guys, can't spend an afternoon playing with the kids outside without some anarchy?

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  • Maury
    I would probably start Lanier and have KG at the 4 to matchup with Apollo's size. Draymond doesn't seem like a good fit against this team. If wheazy would have used this lineup I might vote for him, but I'm gonna have to vote for Apollo because there is no way KG can guard shaq.

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  • Axel
    Damn, Excel charts and everything. This is a throw down.

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  • Apollo

    EW's claims are untrue. His team can't hang with my team on the perimeter but that's besides the point. His top shooters like to take it inside, where most effective and so my zone strategy is sound: zone them, they settle for jumpers.

    No one ever contained Barry.

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  • e_wheazhy_
    Outside of Curry, my team has better shooting at every position. His zone gives our team tremendous advantages.

    George has length, speed and strength to contain Barry.

    We have length to front their bigs and neither were good passers - let them post ISO; we are a superior defensive team.

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  • BobLoblaw
    Yep i'm not the biggest fan of Nique at 2 for this team. Although I get the idea of starting your most talented players, but it just seems that Splash brothers or Mitch would be a better fit.

    I think Apollo has a clearly better collection of talent. Ridiculous team.

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  • Axel
    Both teams present good points off the bat.

    Apollo's big do take up a lot of the lane, minimizing space for slashers like Dominique and generally shrinking the defensive area of the court.

    Hard to imagine KG being able to handle Shaq. Too much of a size and power mismatch there.

    Barry vs Paul George is a very interesting battle that might determine victory.

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  • Axel
    started a poll Legacy League match 19 e_wheazy vs Apollo

    Legacy League match 19 e_wheazy vs Apollo


    The poll is expired.

    The legacy league was created to pit teams drafted by fellow RR members against each other and allow the general RR populous to vote on who would win this winner take all, single elimination game if all players were at their peak performance.

    Each team drafted a 10 man roster. Each team provided a gameplan justification as to why they believe they should get your vote. Each team is allowed 1 post for "in game adjustments." The role of RR community is simple, vote for who you believe should win. Post justification if you want (encouraged) and weigh the pros and cons for all to see, but ultimately, your vote decides who will win this tournament of legends.

    e_wheazy vs Apollo

    e_wheazhy Starting Lineup (Prime Stats):

    PG: Oscar Robertson - 6-5, 205 lbs, Averaged a triple double
    30.8 PTS, 80.3% FT, 12.5 REB, 11.4 AST, 48% FG

    SG: Grant Hill - 6-8, 225 lbs, 7x All Star, 5x All NBAer
    21.4 PTS, 9 REB, 7.3 AST, 1.8 STL, 30.3% 3FG, 14.6 WS, 114 ORTG, 100 DRTG, 8.0 BPM

    SF: Paul George - 6-9, 220lbs, 6-11.5 wingspan, 3X All Star, 3x All NBA Defensive Teamer
    23.1 PTS, 7.0 REB, 4.1 AST, 1.9 STL, 37.1 3FG, 107 ORTG, 97 DRTG, 10 WS, 6.4 DWS

    PF: Draymond Green - 6-7, 230lbs, 7-1 Wingspan, NBA Champ, 2x All NBA Defender
    9.5 REB, 7.4 AST, 1.5 STL, 1.4 BLKS, 38.8 3FG, 115 ORTG, 97 DRTG, 11.1 WS

    C: Kevin Garnett - 6-11, 240lbs, 7-6 wingspan12x All NBA Defensive Teamer, DPOY,
    23.0 PTS, 13.9 REB, 6.0 AST, 1.4 STL, 2.2 BLKS, 31.9% 3FG, 98 DRTG, 113 ORTG, 18.3 WS, 9.7 BPM


    John Wall - 6-4, 200lbs, 6-9 wingspan, 3x All Star, All NBA Defender
    19.8 PTS, 10.2 AST, 4.9 REB,1.9 STL, 35.1% 3P

    Anthony Davis - 6-10, 255lbs, 7-6 wingspan, 3x All Star, All-NBA first team, 2x NBA Blocks Leader, All-NBA Defender
    24.4 PTS, 10.2 REB, 2.2 AST, 1.5 STL, 2.9 BLKS, 32.4% 3FG, 122 ORTG, 100 DRTG, 14.0 WS

    Andre Iguodala - 6-6, 215lbs, 6-11 wingspan, NBA Champ, Finals MVP, 2x All-NBA Defender, All Star
    12.4 PTS, 6.1 REB, 5.5 AST, 1.7 STL, 39.4% 3FG, 108 ORTG, 98 DRTG, 7.3 WS

    Bob Lanier - 6-11, 250lbs, 8x All Star
    24 PTS, 13.3 REB, 4.6 AST, 1.4 STL, 3.0 BLKS 51% FG, 108 ORTG, 88 DRTG (YES, 88), 14.4 WS

    James Harden, 6-5, 220lbs, 6-11 wingspan, 4x All Star, 2x All NBAer
    29 PTS, 6.1 REB, 7.5 AST, 1.7 STL, 37.5% 3FG, 118 ORTG, 103 DRTG, 16.4 WS


    We've got enough bodies to throw at Steph keeping him honest on offense. Oscar provides huge problems for him in the post, especially surrounded by solid midrange/outside shooters at every position.

    Shaq and Malone means a clogged paint for Steph. Whike solid in size, both are uncomfortable with lengthy defenders on them, we got.tons of those.

    Nique on the wing is solid slashing option but with clogged paint, less ground to cover on rotations.

    Shooting from our bigs opens up the paint, minimizing rim protectors and help d. PG will expertly cover Rick Barry, who will also have a hard time contributing on the defensive end.

    Shaq/Malone will have a tough time guarding the perimeter, which we will use heavy PnRs action trying to exploit switches.
    On the other end, the constant threat of pick and pops will open up gigantic lanes for our elite cutters.


    PG - Steph Curry, 3x All-Star, 2x MVP
    (2015-16 GSW Season: 30.1 PPG, 4.6 REB, 6.7 AST, 2.1 STL, 31.5 PER)

    SG - Dominique Wilkins, 9x All-Star, HOF
    (1985-86 ATL Season: 30.3 PPG, 7.9 REB, 2.6 AST, 1.8 STL, 0.6 BLK, 23.3 PER)

    SF - Rick Barry, 12x All-Star, Finals MVP, ROY, HOF
    (1974-75 GSW Season: 30.6 PPG, 4.6 REB, 6.2 AST, 2.9 STL, 23.5 PER)

    PF - Karl Malone, 14x All-Star, 2x MVP, HOF
    (1989-90 UTA Season: 31.0 PPG, 11.1 REB, 2.8 AST, 1.5 STL, 0.6 BLK, 27.2 PER)

    C - Shaquille O'Neal, 15x All-Star, 1x MVP, 3x Finals MVP, ROY, HOF
    (1999-00 LAL Season: 29.7 PPG, 13.6 REB, 3.8 AST, 0.5 STL, 3.0 BLK, 30.6 PER)

    6 - Mitch Richmond, 6x All-Star, ROY, HOF
    (1996-97 SAC Season: 25.9 PPG, 3.9 REB, 4.2 AST, 1.5 STL, 21.6 PER)

    7 - DeMarcus Cousins, 2x NBA All-Star
    (2015-16 SAC Season: 26.9 PPG, 11.5 REB, 3.3 AST, 1.6 STL, 1.4 BLK, 23.6 PER)

    8 - Tony Parker, 5x All-Star, Finals MVP
    (2008-09 SAS Season: 22.0 PPG, 3.1 REB, 6.9 AST, 0.9 STL, 23.4 PER)

    9 - Klay Thompson, 2x All-Star
    (2015-16 GSW Season: 22.1 PPG, 3.8 REB, 2.1 AST, 0.8 STL, 18.6 PER)

    10 - LaMarcus Aldridge, 5x All-Star
    (2013-14 POR Season: 23.2 PPG, 11.1 REB, 2.6 AST, 0.9 STL, 1.0 BLK, 21.8 PER)

    Apollo Gameplan

    EW isn't a very good shooting team. We'll run zone and try to clog the middle because guys like George and Harden are going to score either way but two of them alone cannot beat us from outside off of low percentages. Nique is in the lineup again out of position to help matchup to EW's size.

    Utilizing the same lineup as last week. Remember, Barry is one of the all time great point forwards. We'll walk it up the floor with half court plays running the inside out game against as EW's big men. While athletic, they can't match the size and strength of Shaq and Malone.

    And 1...

    In Game Adjustments - Coming Soon!

    So RR faithful, who wins this game?
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