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Legacy League match 22 Bobloblaw vs Maury

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    He didn't throw outlet passes on most possessions, and I can't really 'prove' to you in a written form that he's fast. Simply watch games and tell me he's fast and quick. Watch how he runs the floor, watch how he moves in halfcourt. Don't just watch a few highlights and then rationalize why he might seem slow to me. I've seen most of his Lakers and 76ers series from 77, I know how he played and I know full well that he was good at outlet passes, and he still seemed slowish for a center to me.

    If you did watch games and still think he's an athletic and quick guy, capable of playing pf, then it's fair enough, everyone can have an opinion, i'll just disagree with yours.

    Good center overall though. Not a great shooting touch and not the most athletically gifted from what ive seen, but great otherwise, rebounding, rim protection, post moves, smart.