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New Huskies alternate jerseys for 2016-17

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    lewro wrote: View Post
    Well, I think the name is tied to the movie, which did capture a lot of childish imaginations at the time. I do think the name typically and rightfully should bare some affinity to the region.
    I agree that huskies is an over-used name, more so now with the many examples that you have listed. However, I'm still not enamoured with the name raptors. It does conjure a threatening image but I don't think it represents the city or the country, which in my mind, should be the objective.
    I also agree with your comment re: colour scheme. Mostly I just prefer blue personally. Both colours represent the region. I think they could make it a more distinct blue and I never feel like the jays overlap with the leafs. You're right tho, it does get redundant.
    Anyway, they're not gonna rebrand so the conversation really only applies to this current iteration of the jersey.
    I think naming the team after an extinct animal is an entirely fair choice, so if you forget about the movie moving the animal to the public's eye, then it's a fine choice. Again, the original logo and mascot are more tied to the movie than the actual name. As the years go on, people will accept this more and more. Plus there's a nice feeling being able to say you're a Raptors fan and people can immediately associate it correctly.

    I think naming for the region is overblown. Plenty of good team names don't. Certainly doesn't seem to hurt the Lakers.
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      Still think it's linked to the movie for anyone from that generation. Hollywood seems to remake the same franchises repeatedly nowadays and the fanzone has the movie name so they're inextricably linked for the foreseeable future.
      Lakers are a regional name originally. I think they kept them for the pedigree and profit but imo it can sound silly. For example, jazz in Utah does not make sense.
      If box office sales were higher, we might have been the Toronto Jumanjis. Go 'jis!


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        The idea for the name was definitely tied to the movie, but I can't take any self-proclaimed Raptors fan seriously if they still think of the movie (and not the basketball team) 20+ years later.

        "Hey man, did you see the Raptors last night?"
        "Ya, the part when they were chasing the kids in the kitchen was intense!"


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          Lol. Touche but I wouldn't have said that 20 years ago either. I never heard of a raptor before the movie so there's always a connection for me. If they were the t-rexs then I'd have a familiarity apart from the movie. Of course over 20 years I have other images of players, games, etc that I associate but the first encounter leaves a lasting impression imo. Perhaps for new generations their first impression is only affiliated to the basketball team and that will separate the team from the movie. As I said, the movie may continue to be re-produced and feature raptors, possibly continuing the connection for some. I did see pieces of the latest movie and I don't recall a raptor but I wasn't really paying attention.
          Anyway, for me, id rather be like the jays or the leafs. I don't really have any connection to raptors. I like that they're vicious predators but my only image of them is a cg model from the movie.


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            Raptors cannot ever change their colours to the same as every other team. You have to understand how much people outside of Toronto absolutely hate the Maple Leafs. People WILL drop the Raptors if they change their colours to blue and their name to Huskies.
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              I never was a big fan of the name, but 20 years in I like the purple retro jerseys more than I ever did before and the recent branding has been much better - focus on the colours, an aggressive font, Toronto, "We the North" (so many teams have tried to knock that off), and use the claw when needed. Keep the mascot 'cause he's great, pull out the vintage uni's every now and then, and give us some Huskies throw/faux backs. It's all good without being desperate about trying to make the cartoon dinosaur work.

              Re: the movie influence - remember The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim? It was an unfortunate 90's dynamic.
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                I don't know about you guys but anytime I hear the word Raptor the first image that comes to my mind is Chris Bosh in a red basketball jersey.

                Raptors means basketball in Canada. It's gonna stay that way forever.

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                  Raptors making blue jerseys...Blue Jays are making red pandemonium! Cats and dogs living together....

                  We are excited to unveil our new alternate red and white jersey! 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 #WT2017

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