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Preseason game #3 :Raptors vs Clippers 10:30 et

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  • Its maybe worth noting that JJ Reddick looked like a bust until he was about 25, and kept improving and it is very valuable now at age 31 or 32. Heslip is a poor mans Reddick
    It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


    • Nilanka wrote: View Post
      But do you see Casey putting Heslip into his 9-10 man rotation, though?

      To me, if the choices are:

      1. A 3rd PG fully capable of playing 17 mpg (if Lowry or Cojo get injured) but is otherwise relegated to garbage minutes.
      2. A deadly sniper who is only relegated to garbage minutes.

      I'd choose option 1. Option 2 is completely worthless if not in the rotation.
      But we only are thin at PG till delons back, plus norm can play a little PG if needed. I hate to say it cause im still high on van fleet but ya heslip looks like he will have the most value to our team
      To be the champs you got to beat the champs


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