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Preseason Game 4: Raptors VS Cavaliers, 8 PM EST @ ACC

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  • Deino wrote: View Post
    I didn't watch the whole game,however in the second half Vanfleet looked the one who fits well on this roster.
    That's cause Vanfleet didn't play until the end of the 3rd so he never looked out of place.


    • consmap wrote: View Post
      Read a comment that 2 Pat looks like the Mask of Agamemnon and now I can't unsee it.

      Haha! It's the eyes that are too close to his nose.


      • Mr.Z wrote: View Post
        whats ray allen up to these days?
        He was "eyeing" Warriors back in July..


        • GLF wrote: View Post
          I'm trying to tell people our defense looks very messy so far and it worries me...
          Actually, you have succeeded tremendously at expressing your concerns. You have been expressing them since BEFORE the preseason started.


          • All I cared about in seeing in this game was Carroll progressing towards being season ready for their first game. Job Done.

            It was a bonus seeing Lowry ready to fly. So much for him coming into the season overweight. Saw Siakam learn some important lessons guarding Love. Saw Joseph demoing a much improved offensive version of himself. Saw Powell a little more relaxed and showing what we want to see.

            Couldn't be happier. Now give the young guys some run against the Argentinian team, and see the starting rotation over the two last games and it will have been a very succesful pre-season.