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GAME #2: Cleveland Cavaliers 94 - Toronto Raptors 91

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  • GAME #2: Cleveland Cavaliers 94 - Toronto Raptors 91

    Game one is in the books. The excellent performances by Demar and Jonas are in the past now. Its time to focus on the future now...
    LeBron, Irving, Love & Co. come to Toronto to face OUR TORONTO RAPTORS.
    Not only will we need a good performance from Demar and JV again, but Kyle will have to play like Kyle again....
    To be a champ you have to BEAT THE CHAMPS. It's time to get the W and give ourselves an early advantage on the bracket sheet.

    Line Ups

    Klye Lowry - CJ
    DeMar DeDrozan - TR
    DeMarre Carroll - NP
    Pascal Siakam - PP
    Jonas Valanciunas - JP

    Uncle D.Less
    Jr. Brick
    LeBitch, LeQueen, LeFlop, LeCry
    D.Less's cousin Kevin
    Role Player from Brampton

    Lets start a streak so I keep making these amazing threads

    And oh yeahh....
    First National TV game of the season!
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