Game one is in the books. The excellent performances by Demar and Jonas are in the past now. Its time to focus on the future now...
LeBron, Irving, Love & Co. come to Toronto to face OUR TORONTO RAPTORS.
Not only will we need a good performance from Demar and JV again, but Kyle will have to play like Kyle again....
To be a champ you have to BEAT THE CHAMPS. It's time to get the W and give ourselves an early advantage on the bracket sheet.

Line Ups

Klye Lowry - CJ
DeMar DeDrozan - TR
DeMarre Carroll - NP
Pascal Siakam - PP
Jonas Valanciunas - JP

Uncle D.Less
Jr. Brick
LeBitch, LeQueen, LeFlop, LeCry
D.Less's cousin Kevin
Role Player from Brampton

Lets start a streak so I keep making these amazing threads

And oh yeahh....
First National TV game of the season!