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Game #5: Miami Heat 87 - Toronto Raptors 96

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  • Game #5: Miami Heat 87 - Toronto Raptors 96

    First time I have ever done this. Let me be blunt. I despise the Celtics.. Knicks Heat and Bulls. Hate em all. The arrogant fan bases of these teams is only outdone by the myopic media that covers and hypes them to be something more than they are.

    Heat come in with McBob on the DL. They sport a fringe allstar PG in Dragic... a very solid but a mental midget in Hassan Whiteside at C and an overhyped sophomore in Justice Winslow. The rest of the Heat's personnel are recognized soley by wives, girlfriends and blood relatives.

    Raps come in with no one of importance hurt or limping. They will start and rotate in the usual suspects. Sully still out indefinitely, Bebe available but unlikely to play (more due to DNP-CD rather than a lingering pain in those ankles). Somewhat predictably our mascot, Bruno, has been assigned to the D League even if this is a home game.

    Starting Lineups

    Kyle vs Dragic at PG - Edge but not as big as you'd think to the Raps
    Demar vs Some dork named Johnson at SG .. pun intended - Big Edge Raps
    Demarre vs Winslow at SF - Big Edge Raps
    Siakam vs Luke Babbit at PF - Slight Edge Heat
    Jonas vs Whiteside at C - Even to favouring Whiteside.
    Raps Bench vs Heat Bench - Big Edge to Raps

    Keys to the Game.

    Kyle has to check Dragic in transition as this is where the Dragon shines.
    JV has to outmuscle Whiteside and get him into foul trouble early. If he does that and he sits for stretches DD could hit 40 again.
    Own the glass on both ends of the floor, make at least 6 from beyond the arc, pressure the Heat as they turn it over 15 times a game.

    Fearless and Completely Biased Prediction

    No Joe Johnson. No Luol Deng. No Dewyaaaaaaaane Wade. No chance. Raps by 6.

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