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Game #13: Toronto Raptors 99 - Sacramento Kings 102

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  • Game #13: Toronto Raptors 99 - Sacramento Kings 102

    Starting Lineups:


    PG - Kyle Lowry
    SG - DeMar DeRozan
    SF - DeMarre Carroll
    PF - Pascal Siakam
    C - Jonas Valanciunas


    PG - Ty Lawson
    SG - Arron Afflalo
    SF - Rudy Gay
    PF - DeMarcus Cousins
    C - Kosta Koufos

    Key Matchup:

    Hopefully the Raptors are rested up for this game. Their last showing against Denver was anything but an easy win, going into overtime at high elevation. From the high ground of Denver the Raptors will descend into sunny Sacramento to meet the Kings. Although DeMarcus Cousins has seen time at the power forward spot, expect Jonas Valanciunas to match up with him on the court instead of Pascal Siakam. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan can be excited to face a backcourt that will have trouble slowing them down. But the real issue here is that the Raptors haven't been slowing their opponents down. Although the past few teams they've faced are known for their high scoring, fast-paced style of play, it is a bit of a concern that Toronto has not been able to stymie their offense by any significant amount. Hopefully they improve upon this against the Kings. The men of the North charge upon the royalty of Sacramento!

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