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Raptors "partying too much"

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  • Raptors "partying too much"

    Feschuk's got an unnamed source that says the Raptors party a bit much.


    The Raptors’ on-court problems are no mystery. Do they let the other team score too much and rebound too many? As Sam Mitchell might have put it: “Duh!”

    But here’s a trickier question: did this team miss the playoffs because it partied too heartily? It’s impossible to say for sure, and Bryan Colangelo, the Raptors president and general manager, has declined to comment on the off-court habits of his players. But there are people close to the club who believe those habits ultimately hurt the win-loss record.

    Perhaps it’s a symptom of the TMZ age, but as one team employee who was granted anonymity opined: “This year, (the partying) was a little too much.”