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'The Raptors currently have the best offense in NBA History' -

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    Lupe wrote: View Post
    One could also make the argument that currently the Lowry+Bench lineups and the Lowry-DD-Carroll-PPat-JV lineups are thriving when they're on the floor, the two best lineups currently in the NBA. Inserting 2Pat into the starting 5 is going to affect when and how both of those lineups play and could potentially hurt them.
    One could also make that argument about starting the second half with that lineup, and Casey's been doing that.

    Bringing Pat out of the game after the first 6-8 minutes would still line him up to play his usual Lowry+bench minutes if you really need to keep that lineup together (I don't think they need to and think they should experiment with other options, but you can replicate the current situation if you want to).


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      KHD wrote: View Post
      if patterson was a free agent last summer he'd probably get more than 15M. i don't know how things are shaping up this summer league-wide though.
      Pretty much the same way. 15 is the new 8
      It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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        Mess wrote: View Post
        Another piece with a lot of detail, mostly all mentioned here at one time or another, all in one spot:

        We'll see about that video though.
        Has this been posted?

        I believe the video is in here.
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        If we knew half as much about coaching an NBA team as we think, we"d know twice as much as we do.


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          Hot damn, that Spinella kid's a minor prodigy - great knowledge combined with terrific television delivery at such a (presumably) young age, talking about his work.