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do you agree with Jack Armstrong about a lack of a physical presence?

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    KHD wrote: View Post
    the rules have changed a lot too which makes it kind of hard to know how much you're allowed to do in terms of physicality. Until the playoffs, when you're allowed to do whatever the fuck you want as long as the opposition's jersey says "Toronto" on it.
    Gonna disagree with the lack of respect from refs complaint or rules issue. Raps have been near the top of the league in drawing free throws for some time now. That's serious respect from the officials..... on offense.

    Problem is, our guards don't seek the same type of contact on defense, such as fighting through screens, or even just being a a pest and staying in front of their man. That's another form of toughness that's well within the rules. The better word for it might be "grit", which is really just playing hard every night on defense. Those teams that do that consistently in the regular season develop a reputation with the refs and get the benefit of the doubt on close calls.


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      golden wrote: View Post
      Pretty much zero resistance on the perimeter. One simple pick, not even a hard one, and the opposing offense pretty much gets into their set like it was drawn up on the chalkboard.
      DD and KL are just not the tough defender, hard nose players you need to defend the primeter. One can even say they are border line SOFT ... You do need the Tony Allen type guys who don't let the guys pass by them.

      This is our problem. People want to point to Inside toughness but once you are beat so easily on the perimeter, then it is hard.


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        Have no fear guys, my sources tell me Ujiri is finalizing a 1 year deal with a player option with some mega power forward named "R. Savage"

        It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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          We needed toughness. Danny's little army got punked!


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            lewro wrote: View Post
            We needed toughness. Danny's little army got punked!
            IT and Crowder phony tough vs Tucker and Ibaka REAL tough.