Hello RR! Your saviour back with another game thread!!!

I promised you guys a 10 game winning streak MINIMUM... 8 more wins in a row left

Raptors Projected Starting 5
Kyle Lowry
Demar DeRozan
Jonas V.

Timberwolves Projected Starting 5

Guys who cannot shoot
Guy who came into the league projected to be like Lebron/Tmac, now he's projected to be like Rudy Gay
Pussy Kat

Keys to the game
- Win 3 in a row
- Win by a lot so Lowry can rest
- Start making a "Thank You" for Abbas

- Raptors win by 10 or more
- JV just misses another 20/10 game but gets 17/14
- DeRozan has a 20+/5+/5+/2/1 game

You're Welcome RR

Best Regards
Your Saviour Abbas