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Who do you want in the first round?

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  • Who do you want in the first round?

    Pretty tight between 5-10 in the East. With only 3.5 games separating the 5th place team to the 10th place team.

    Raptors will most likely either finish 3rd or 4th. Who would you like to see in the first round?

    Atlanta (Toronto is 1-2, with no games remaining).

    Milwaukee (Toronto is 3-1, with no games remaining).

    Indiana (Toronto is 1-0, with 2 games remaining).

    Miami (Toronto is 1-1, with 2 games remaining).

    Chicago (Toronto is 1-2, with no games remaining).

    Detroit (Toronto is 2-1, with 1 game remaining).
    Don't care

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    Just about time for a thread like this, nice.

    I'd want Indiana or Detroit. I'd probably feel better beating Indy though, because Detroit is just an obvious sweep. I want a bit of a fight at least. But on the other hand, have home-court advantage for the whole series would be cool

    I can see Milwaukee kind of giving us fits with their crazy length, but not that they'd take more than a game.

    Chicago won't make it. But otherwise they be tough for us.

    The biggest challenge that would maybe even go 7 is Miami who have been inexplicably good. We out talent them easily, but definitely would be a dog fight. Seeing more of the JV-HW war of titans matchup would be a nice to see again after last years series.


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      Not worried about it. Bring on all comers.


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        Chicago would be an interesting match up with the bad blood and all. I could see some pretty good hype up for it in the media leading up to the tip off.

        Even with Lowry not fully back to himself we should have a pretty easy time with any first round match up.


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          i can see atlanta, detroit and indy falling out of playoff contention and the heat, the bulls and the bucks creeping in. that being said, deroit would be walk through.

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            DanH wrote: View Post
            Not worried about it. Bring on all comers.


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              I'd rather not have to deal with the bucks but I'm pretty certain we can handle anyone but the cavs, and even the cavs seem beatable right now.

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                I want either Milwaukee or Detroit. Detroit is terrible and Milwaukee is so young and innocent.. they're like a deer in the headlights.


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                  I don't care who we face in the 1st round. I'm more concerned about avoiding the 4th or 5th seed.


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                    From an entertainment perspective I'd like indy again to beat up on miles turner yet again
                    It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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                      Milwaukee or Detroit. I'd like to avoid Atlanta, Miami or Chicago. Raptors will still win, but it'd be a lot tougher. I can see the Raptors sweeping or winning 4-1 against the Bucks or Pistons.
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                        Interesting question but I can't help but try to avoid it. A few years ago we wanted the Nets. Two years ago we wanted Washington. Just surprise me.


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                          Detroit is he worst/easiest matchup for us imo. But look we can and should beat all these teams particularly if Lowry resembles himself.

                          If we can't than we are alot worse than we thought


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                            The problem is teams like the Bucks (Middleton) and Hawks (Millsap) represent teams that might wind up lower in the standings but will be peaking at the end integrating players who have been out (not unlike us but with or without Lowry we were probably going to be the 3rd seed at best and worst)


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                              Jrice9 wrote: View Post
                              Detroit is he worst/easiest matchup for us imo. But look we can and should beat all these teams particularly if Lowry resembles himself.

                              If we can't than we are alot worse than we thought
                              Lowry is the only real "what if?" looking at the playoffs for me. If he comes back and is ready to go, I fully expect this team to hit the 3rd round and give the Cavs a much better showing than last year. If Cleveland's sputtering play continues into the playoffs, the Raptors have a puncher's chance.

                              But if Lowry comes back and isn't 100%, everything including the first round could be a real struggle. Honestly at that point any success is gravy, what can you expect out of a playoff run without your best player? Have to have health in the postseason.
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