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Game #73: Toronto Raptors 94 - Dallas Mavericks 86

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  • Game #73: Toronto Raptors 94 - Dallas Mavericks 86

    Something about those first quarters but if they hold a team to under 90 points overall, I'll take that every day. So, on to the next one. And it's been a bit of an odd stadium tour for latter part of this streak..

    They won at home at The Air Canada Centre, beating the Bulls (who were visiting from The United Center). They then beat Miami at The American Airlines Arena and now head down to the American Airlines Center in Dallas. I should have gone into the business of owning airlines. Anyways, let's meet the team that hails from

    The presumed starting line up for the "We're not in the playoffs but we just beat the Clippers. Hope it helps your draft pick" Dallas Mavericks


    (mostly because I forgot to use Mr Belvedere for Jimmy Butler)




    And, for your Toronto Raptors

    Joseph (PG)
    Derozan (SG)
    Carroll (SF)
    Ibaka (PF)
    Valanciunas (C)

    Keys to the game?

    Welcome back, Serge!