Obviously we can't count on defending champions to help us out so let's just keep playing hard (and winning!). I joked in the last thread about it being nice if they could keep teams to under 90 pts and they did it again. Well done Raptors. So here's a game that was always marked on the calendar as a (second) homecoming for a favourite ex Raptor but now it's the "Welcome back Terry" game. So let's welcome him and his team from

The Biz-magic Kingdom

If I asked, which Eastern team has won 3 of their last 4 games, would the Magic come to mind? Sure they were against, Detroit, Phoenix and Philly but wins are wins (especially following a stretch of losing 5 of 6). But win or lose, the 20% ex Raptors (aka Orlando Magic) have scored an average of 107 pts over their last 7. Under 90 may be tough but someone on that team is going to get Tucked. Here are the candidates



That's right....don't be bringing that blue headband to the ACC..and welcome back!



And, for your Toronto Raptors...

Joseph (PG)
Derozan (SG)
Carroll (but really Tucker) (SF)
Ibaka (SF)
Valanciunas (C)

Keys to the game?...

Keep On Truckin'