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HORNETS @ RAPTORS Wed March 29th 7:30pm SN1

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  • HORNETS @ RAPTORS Wed March 29th 7:30pm SN1

    Well...I guess you don't have to keep them under 90 if you score over 130. Couldn't have asked for much more. Got the full Terry experience (including a not-blown 360 degree dunk) and still a relatively easy win. I'll be happy to keep this pace as long as the team lets me. So let's welcome our next opponent. overused Crying Jordan memes here. In the blue corner, hailing all the way from...

    ...The "maybe next year" Charlotte Hornets.

    Out of the playoffs as they are, the Hornets have always been a thorn in the Raptors side. Technically, that should be a "stinger" but whatever. They are trying to fight their way back in having won 4 of 5. As much angst as they have given us, they also helped the Utah Utes coming out party just before the all star game (which wasn't in charlotte)

    Here's a look at my best guess of the starting lineup..



    (very practical...this will work even if the starter gets replaced by the backup)



    And, for your Toronto Raptors...
    Joseph (PG)
    Derozan (SG)
    Tucker til i hear otherwise (SF)
    Ibaka (PF)
    Valanciunas (C)

    It got a bit sloppy last night and unless Coach Casey really likes his brother in law, I don't think he was impressed. So..

    Keys to the game?

    Wanted to save this for the Miami game but, as they say, a bird in the hand...