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Superstitious Fun: Playoff Game Thread Starters

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  • Superstitious Fun: Playoff Game Thread Starters

    Hi all!

    Of late, analysis for the Raptors has settled into "I'm certainly glad they are winning" and "I wonder when Lowry will be back" and "Please go away, Bulls."

    As such, I thought I'd put a fun little something together to play around with.

    As we all know, the poster who starts the game thread is basically the only factor that determines whether the Raptors win or lose. And with the playoffs around the corner, we need to figure out who is going to be starting those game threads!

    So I thought I'd have a little fun and look at how various posters have done this year.

    First, our schedule:

    1Wed Oct 26 2016Detroit PistonsWAbbas
    2Fri Oct 28 2016Cleveland CavaliersLAbbas
    3Mon Oct 31 2016Denver NuggetsWJoey
    4Wed Nov 2 2016@Washington WizardsWJoey
    5Fri Nov 4 2016Miami HeatWDemographic Shift
    6Sun Nov 6 2016Sacramento KingsLDemographic Shift
    7Wed Nov 9 2016@Oklahoma City ThunderWJoey
    8Fri Nov 11 2016@Charlotte HornetsWJoey
    9Sat Nov 12 2016New York KnicksWJoey
    10Tue Nov 15 2016@Cleveland CavaliersLJoey
    11Wed Nov 16 2016Golden State WarriorsL007
    12Fri Nov 18 2016@Denver NuggetsWconsmap
    13Sun Nov 20 2016@Sacramento KingsLconsmap
    14Mon Nov 21 2016@Los Angeles ClippersLDemographic Shift
    15Wed Nov 23 2016@Houston RocketsWZainab
    16Fri Nov 25 2016@Milwaukee BucksWZainab
    17Mon Nov 28 2016Philadelphia 76ersWZainab
    18Wed Nov 30 2016Memphis GrizzliesWZainab
    19Fri Dec 2 2016Los Angeles LakersWZainab
    20Sat Dec 3 2016Atlanta HawksWZainab
    21Mon Dec 5 2016Cleveland CavaliersLZainab
    22Thu Dec 8 2016Minnesota TimberwolvesWDanH
    23Fri Dec 9 2016@Boston CelticsWDanH
    24Mon Dec 12 2016Milwaukee BucksWDanH
    25Wed Dec 14 2016@Philadelphia 76ersWDanH
    26Fri Dec 16 2016Atlanta HawksLDanH
    27Sun Dec 18 2016@Orlando MagicW007
    28Tue Dec 20 2016Brooklyn NetsW007
    29Fri Dec 23 2016@Utah JazzW007
    30Mon Dec 26 2016@Portland Trail BlazersW007
    31Wed Dec 28 2016@Golden State WarriorsL007
    32Thu Dec 29 2016@Phoenix SunsLTRex
    33Sun Jan 1 2017@Los Angeles LakersWTRex
    34Tue Jan 3 2017@San Antonio SpursLScraptor
    35Thu Jan 5 2017Utah JazzWTRex
    36Sat Jan 7 2017@Chicago BullsLTRex
    37Sun Jan 8 2017Houston RocketsLrocwell
    38Tue Jan 10 2017Boston CelticsW007
    39Fri Jan 13 2017Brooklyn NetsW007
    40Sun Jan 15 2017New York KnicksW007
    41Tue Jan 17 2017@Brooklyn NetsW007
    42Wed Jan 18 2017@Philadelphia 76ersL007
    43Fri Jan 20 2017@Charlotte HornetsLScraptor
    44Sun Jan 22 2017Phoenix SunsLconsmap
    45Tue Jan 24 2017San Antonio SpursLAbbas
    46Wed Jan 25 2017@Memphis GrizzliesLrocwell
    47Fri Jan 27 2017Milwaukee BucksWAxel
    48Sun Jan 29 2017Orlando MagicLAxel
    49Tue Jan 31 2017New Orleans PelicansWDanH
    50Wed Feb 1 2017@Boston CelticsLDanH
    51Fri Feb 3 2017@Orlando MagicLBonus Jonas
    52Sun Feb 5 2017@Brooklyn NetsWAbbas
    53Mon Feb 6 2017Los Angeles ClippersWAbbas
    54Wed Feb 8 2017@Minnesota TimberwolvesLAbbas
    55Sun Feb 12 2017Detroit PistonsLJoey
    56Tue Feb 14 2017@Chicago BullsL007
    57Wed Feb 15 2017Charlotte HornetsWCody73
    58Fri Feb 24 2017Boston CelticsWJoey
    59Sun Feb 26 2017Portland Trail BlazersWCody73
    60Mon Feb 27 2017@New York KnicksWCody73
    61Wed Mar 1 2017Washington WizardsLCody73
    62Fri Mar 3 2017@Washington WizardsWAbbas
    63Sat Mar 4 2017@Milwaukee BucksLAbbas
    64Wed Mar 8 2017@New Orleans PelicansWyabadabayolo
    65Fri Mar 10 2017@Atlanta HawksLyabadabayolo
    66Sat Mar 11 2017@Miami HeatLtdotted
    67Mon Mar 13 2017Dallas MavericksWTRex
    68Thu Mar 16 2017Oklahoma City ThunderLTRex
    69Fri Mar 17 2017@Detroit PistonsWJclaw
    70Sun Mar 19 2017Indiana PacersWJclaw
    71Tue Mar 21 2017Chicago BullsWJclaw
    72Thu Mar 23 2017@Miami HeatWJclaw
    73Sat Mar 25 2017@Dallas MavericksWJclaw
    74Mon Mar 27 2017Orlando MagicWJclaw
    75Wed Mar 29 2017Charlotte HornetsLJclaw
    76Fri Mar 31 2017Indiana PacersWDanH
    77Sun Apr 2 2017Philadelphia 76ersWDanH
    78Tue Apr 4 2017@Indiana PacersLDanH
    79Wed Apr 5 2017@Detroit Pistons
    80Fri Apr 7 2017Miami Heat
    81Sun Apr 9 2017@New York Knicks
    82Wed Apr 12 2017@Cleveland Cavaliers

    In terms of oddities:

    - In game 5, Joey was late putting up the game thread, and Demographic Shift stepped up at the last minute.

    Joey wrote:
    Nice thread Demo. Beat my thread by about 10 minutes, but fair game since its Game Day and I was late.
    - Games 32-36 are a complete mess. TRex went a litte crazy, first following up a game thread loss with another game thread, then when he won that game, not starting the thread for the next game - then, when Scraptor lost that game with the last minute thread start, TRex decided to jump back onto the next game. Ballsy move.

    Axel wrote:
    TRex breaking tradition - let's hope that isn't a bad omen and we have our first game thread OP losing streak in years.
    Jclaw wrote:
    Been waiting all day. If the raps lose tonight, the only logical explanation is that TRex didn't start the thread.
    - Joey got a little trigger happy for the first game back from the all-star break, starting a game thread after Cody won the last game before the break. It was established in-thread that Cody would get credit if Joey won. He did.

    Joey wrote:
    Cool. Well let it be known, that this game is part of Cody's Win Streak if/when we get it.
    Now, the "standings." There are a few games left, if anyone wants to take a chance to goose (or tank) their numbers. I've made editorial decisions here - Scraptors loss in the middle of TRex's mid-season break down is attributed to TRex. Joey's win during Cody's streak is credited to Cody, as requested.

    PosterWLWin %
    Demographic Shift1233.3%
    Bonus Jonas010.0%

    I thought it might be fun to have some debate on the order of game thread starters for the playoffs, with this background info in mind. Just something silly to fill the days before Lowry comes back and we can get really intense about this playoff run.

    The poll is expired.

  • #2
    Do I get the tie breaker for having a streak that included the Bulls game?


    • #3
      Jclaw for Eastern Conference Finals and Finals. He brought us out of the slump.

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      • #4
        Jclaw's threads made me laugh, so I'll vote him for game 1.

        Keep in mind I have the most wins though
        The name's Bond, James Bond.


        • #5
          Cool thread.. but personally I'd like to see who we face in round 1 and decide then. Need the best game thread makers for that specific opponent.


          • #6
            007 wrote: View Post
            Jclaw's threads made me laugh, so I'll vote him for game 1.

            Keep in mind I have the most wins though
            And tied for most losses


            • #7
              planetmars wrote: View Post
              Cool thread.. but personally I'd like to see who we face in round 1 and decide then. Need the best game thread makers for that specific opponent.
              Possible matchups:

              Zainab 1-0
              DanH 1-0
              Axel 1-0
              Abbas 0-1
              So, as is always the answer with game threads: anyone but Abbas.

              Zainab 1-0
              DanH 0-1
              yabadabayolo 0-1
              I don't know if Zainab is around much anymore. If not, might have to go with overall record.

              TRex 0-1
              007 0-1
              Jclaw 1-0
              This one's obvious.

              Jclaw 1-0
              DanH 1-1

              Demographic Shift 1-0
              tdotted 0-1
              Jclaw 1-0
              ??? (4th game yet to be played, if all goes well for Cody he could have a win here too)

              Joey 1-0
              Scraptor 0-1
              Cody 1-0
              Jclaw 0-1
              Cody the favourite, probably?

              Abbas 1-0
              Joey 0-1
              Jclaw 1-0
              ??? (4th game tonight - so again could see a deadlock between Jclaw and Cody)
              Last edited by DanH; Wed Apr 5th, 2017, 11:42 AM.


              • #8
                Jeebus, this is a whole new level of having time on your hands. You guys are awesome and thanks for the work you put in through the season


                • #9
                  In terms wins I am the game thread version of the Nets....
                  If we get the Chowderheads in a series I would be deeply indebted to the then current flag bearer to grant me the privilege of the first game thread against the green pieces of flotsam from that sewer of a city on the charles...


                  • #10
                    Zainab or Jclaw for game 1. Then see how things shake out.


                    • #11
                      Jclaw has the hot hand and gets my vote to get things started.


                      • #12
                        Mack North wrote: View Post
                        Jclaw has the hot hand and gets my vote to get things started.
                        Hold it. I made today's GT. If we win out, I'll be 7-1 & own the best record. Claw might have a hot hand, but I got a chance here. It's time to break out the salami & cheese.
                        Axel wrote:
                        Now Cody can stop posting about this guy and we have a poster to blame if anything goes wrong!!
                        KeonClark wrote:
                        We won't hear back from him. He dissapears into thin air and reappears when you least expect it. Ten is an enigma. Ten is a legend. Ten for the motherfucking win.
                        KeonClark wrote:
                        I can't wait until the playoffs start.

                        Until then, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they most often stink


                        • #13
                          Cody73 wrote: View Post
                          Hold it. I made today's GT. If we win out, I'll be 7-1 & own the best record. Claw might have a hot hand, but I got a chance here. It's time to break out the salami & cheese.
                          We're not doing hypotheticals today, but if you win out then I'll probably have to change my mind. Or I'll just attribute it to Kyle Lowry coming back tonight!


                          • #14
                            I think the sacred thing is that whenever possible, a winning streak is allowed to continue; if someone wins #82, they get game #83, too. But J-Claw should be up for the first thread after a loss in the playoffs.

                            In a long playoff run, there's a clearcut top 6 there who all have winning records, which is enough to get us through 2-3 rounds. After that, I think it should be reseeded based on playoff results.


                            • #15
                              #ABA (anyone but Abbas)
                              It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.