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  • lewro wrote: View Post
    My read is that Casey rode bebe from the second half of the 3rd until the last 4 mins of the game when he started getting tired. The team defense in that stretch turned the game. Jv got torched for 1 min and then pat shut it down.
    Cory was -17. He didn't look that bad but somehow he was.
    Corey seems to panic a touch in the late going... he has to work his way through that stage of his where the game slows a little for him and he doesn't pound the air out of the ball for stretches of time during those late game possessions. then with time winding down take a poor shot or dump it to someone who has to rush and even poorer shot.

    I am guilty of wanting him on a short leash but he really has to play his way through this step....because in no way shape or form is he ready to move up to a number 1 on the depth chart till he can compose himself.... its coming..
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    And with the 4th overall pick the Toronto Raptors select..... Scottie Barnes.


    • DanH wrote: View Post
      I am unstoppable as thread creator. My reign shall never end. Bow before me, mortals.

      Two in a row. Never has there been a more glorious win streak.

      This one was rough all over with the exception of the third Q. Team was tired and they really, really looked it. Thank goodness for Normgod and for KLOE. Those two stole this one. Everyone else was... alright. Pat was good, as ever, and was the key to that run in the 3rd Q - basically from the second he checked in the game turned around, well before BeBe came in. Joseph was rickety, JV only had some good stretches but struggled guarding Horford once they abandoned Johnson - weird he didn't get many opportunities inside to punish them for going small. Nogueira was good for that second half of the third, but was rough early and fell apart in the 4th. I liked the move to go super small with Pat - if JV won't be out there because of the matchup, I'd rather go all the way to the extreme, especially with Powell playing so well and BOS going so small.

      Anyway, road win, back to back, division "rivals?" I'll take the win.


      • Demographic Shift wrote: View Post
        i think brooks gets a chance as litmus test...
        Whiz ran Randy Whitman out of town because apparently he wasn't getting the most out of Wall and Beal and Co..

        but Wall and Beal are still shitting the bed with a new coach and and a new system....

        So... have to think that Washington is likely making and taking calls...
        Disagee somewhat. Wall and Porter have been very good, Beal Ok even if overpaid. Gortat meh and every other player sucks. It's the GM that fucked up big time.
        If we knew half as much about coaching an NBA team as we think, we"d know twice as much as we do.


        • 3inthekeon wrote: View Post
          Disagee somewhat. Wall and Porter have been very good, Beal Ok even if overpaid. Gortat meh and every other player sucks. It's the GM that fucked up big time.
          COUGH **Trey Burke COUGH**


          • octothorp wrote: View Post
            Okay, but shouldn't the review be then to see if there was a clock malfunction? Which there wasn't, because the referee started the clock within a natural human reaction time.
            How does a referee review a referee for the referee starting the clock late? SLIGHT conflict of interest?
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              (I kinda got obsessed last year with the fact that we kept coming close to setting a new franchise high mark, but lost every time we had a shot at it. Now I can safely go back to ignoring this pretty meaningless stat).


              • Game #24: Milwaukee Bucks 100 - Toronto Raptors 122

                Probable Starters

                PG - Kyle Lowry
                SG - DeMar DeRozan
                SF - DeMarre Carroll
                PF - Pascal Siakam
                C - Jonas Valanciunas

                PG - Matthew Dellavedova
                SG - Tony Snell
                SF - Giannis Antetokounmpo
                PF - Jabari Parker
                C - John Henson

                Performance tracker: odds of Raptors winning game = 69% (nice)

                Fun facts:

                This may be a game that comes down to who turns it over less. The Raptors and the Bucks rank 1st and 2nd respectively in points off turnovers per 100 possessions (20.6 vs 18.8). The good sign? Raptors are 2nd in the league in preventing points off of turnovers for their opponents, while Bucks rank 13th.

                The Bucks are a solid defensive team, ranking 10th in defensive rating. They also score decently, with the 14th ranked offence.

                The Bucks are actually a thoroughly average team in many respects. Of the 4 key factors of winning in basketball (at each end, eFG%, FTA rate, OREB% and TOV%), they rank between 11th and 20th league wide in: FTA rate, OREB%, TOV%, opponent FTA rate, opponent TOV%, and opponent OREB%. And 10th in eFG%, 5th in opponent FG%. Thoroughly average, but with very good FG% defence.

                Last time out: Raptors won a close one 105-99, on the strength of good games from most of the Raptors' starters. The Bucks' offence basically came down to an incredibly efficient and productive Giannis, and, somehow, high volume efficient long distance shooting from Tony Snell of all people.


                • The LeBron stopper ladies and gents


                  • Dan smells blood in the water. He's hungry for Ws
                    OG is our king


                    • Like a hungry crocodile, Dan smells blood and closes in on the bucks.
                      "Stay steamy"

                      - Kobe


                      • This team can't beat us. Another W


                        • Dan we better go on a 9 game winning streak at MINIMUM
                          Abbas wrote:

                          First of all i was my own source


                          • Dan is about to inflict his analytical vengeance on the NBA. The league can run but it can't hide.


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                              • Abbas wrote: View Post
                                Dan we better go on a 9 game winning streak at MINIMUM
                                Gah, pressure. I tend to collapse under pressure.