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  • RDV wrote: View Post
    Clearly frustrated, Casey says he has no idea when Nogueira will be back and indicates he'll be behind Poeltl on the depth chart when he is
    — Josh Lewenberg (@JLew1050) October 31, 2016
    The 'Brazilian Experiment' ends with the expiry of Bruno's rookie contract.
    Definition of Statistics: The science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures.


    • Ouch...I'd like them to elaborate on why he's frustrated. Is he sensing Nogueira could play through it if he really wanted to?
      It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


      • After reading two people discuss what a tier is for a half a page I wanted to shed tears..
        It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


        • Demographic Shift wrote: View Post
          The committee of one (me) very arbitrarily used 5 guys in the tier. Why 5 and not 10 or 7.. dunno. Just like round numbers and 5 was it.

          I have Westbrooke in the SG's as thats what I think he is. Me being me. Others take the view he is a PG and thats OK but to me he plays more of the SG role.

          So my top tier of SG's is made up of :
          Harden ... Westy... Thompson..Butler...and DD.

          With DD being at the lower end of the tier.

          The Next Tier ..

          Beal.. McCollum.. Reddick... Bradley .. Middleton... maybe .. maybe the ghost of Dwayne Wade subbed in for Reddick...

          EDIT... I swore I would never get into the DD valuation religious wars and threads so I am stopping here.

          'That is my theory, it is mine and belongs to me, and I own it and what it is, too.'


          • Gorgui Dieng apparently going to get the same deal as Valanciunas, 4 years $64 million #thankyoumasai


            • Raptorsnz wrote: View Post
              Gorgui Dieng apparently going to get the same deal as Valanciunas, 4 years $64 million #thankyoumasai


              • Masai is getting a huge bonus from the MLSE this year..


                • JV should fire his agent lmao


                  • KHD wrote: View Post
                    JV should fire his agent lmao

                    never heard of him


                    • Bunch of idiots talking on the pregame show.

                      Nurkic doesn't shoot 3s and play on the perimeter you morons. A least put some effort into your jobs.
                      "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


                      • Demographic Shift wrote: View Post
                        The tiering view is as broad as you want to make it..If you add to many defined parameters you don't get a tier you get a ranking system.Harden and Westbrook are in the top part of the tier for high usage high scoring shooting guards. Demar is thought of league wide as a good high usage high scoring SG and would fit in that tier. Most if not all think he wouldn't be viewed in the highest quadrant of the tier.

                        Hope you don't want to take a run at telling me how and what my opinions need to conform to. It's just a sports related discussion.

                        Since I used the tier as my example I am OK with it and don't think I am abusing my own thoughts.

                        If your not and prefer a numerical ranking crunched out of a relational db that's ok too...

                        I think DD is about 4 or 5. Be interested in where you think he ranks ..gut feel or statistically
                        Yeah I didn't realize there was some clearly defined tiering system, people usually have their own perceptions of what that is. Besides the group of high usage, high scoring 2-guards isn't really that big anyway.

                        Like even with PGs there are a lot of different ways you could do it. You could just go god-mode (2016-17) then elite PGs (CP3, Westbrook, Lowry, Lillard, Kyrie) or you could add in something to separate CP3 and RW from the other 3 and group them with Curry. Just depends on how you look at it.


                        • MACK11 wrote: View Post
                          Bunch of idiots talking on the pregame show.

                          Nurkic doesn't shoot 3s and play on the perimeter you morons. A least put some effort into your jobs.
                          Mamba Mentality


                          • DanH wrote: View Post
                            It's not really about a set number of guys in a tier, it's about where there is a significant difference in talent. Seriously, look at this list of names: Harden, Westbrook, Thompson, Butler, DeRozan. Is that really a group of similar players?

                            I could see the argument that DeRozan is on a similar tier to Thompson and Butler. Westbrook and Harden are on a different planet.
                            This shouldn't even be a discussion. Both Harden and Westbrook are being asked to carry teams on their own and do more than just score. Tiers can be useful-- if they're applied honestly.

                            Per Hollinger's advanced stats on ESPN's site:

                            Player USG ASTr REBr VA PER
                            Westbrook 41.8 23.1 16.9 44.7 37.07
                            DeRozan 39.9 4.1 7.9 23.0 31.64
                            Harden 37.9 25.5 16.7 27.2 26.79

                            ASTr: Assist Ratio [the percentage of a player's possessions that ends in an assist.]

                            REBr: Rebounding Ratio [the percentage of missed shots that a player rebounds.]

                            VA: Value Added [the estimated number of points a player adds to a team’s season total above what a 'replacement player' (for instance, the 12th man on the roster) would produce.
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                            • any one got a stream?
                              To be the champs you got to beat the champs


                              • bertarapsfan wrote: View Post
                                any one got a stream?

                                I've been heading here a lot as of late. The streams are usually pretty good.
                                Axel wrote:
                                Now Cody can stop posting about this guy and we have a poster to blame if anything goes wrong!!
                                KeonClark wrote:
                                We won't hear back from him. He dissapears into thin air and reappears when you least expect it. Ten is an enigma. Ten is a legend. Ten for the motherfucking win.
                                KeonClark wrote:
                                I can't wait until the playoffs start.

                                Until then, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they most often stink