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Everything Round 1: Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks

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  • JamesNaismith wrote: View Post
    Haha you think this is a coaching problem???

    The Bucks are taking over...if we dont beat them this year, believe me it will never happen. They are a better team and they are so young that they are just figuring that out. Quote me on it, if the Bucks stay healthy they will be a 50+W from here on forward.
    Raps should have signed Larry Sanders..... gotten Lebron or Giannis (or a guy like them). Problem solved.


    • I just syringed myself...Only 27 behind can be done!!!


      • Remember ISO Joe Johnson and his Hawks

        Same shit

        ISO Derozan and his Raptors

        Always in the mix but can't get over the hump

        VanVleet the Chucking Midget Pylon


        • Demographic Shift wrote: View Post
          Beauty of sports.. buzzer sounds and its over....Love to hear what needs to be said in that room right now....
          There is no physical edge to their game right now...
          I wish.


          • Bucks stadium looks like a dungeon.. so electric in there
            SPECIAL REPORT: March 27th, 2017, it is now confirmed Lebron James has had both his back and his dignity broken by the vicious swinging right elbow of ruthless heavyweight PF and notorious bad-boy David Lee


            • Out-rebounded by 10 at the half.
              Out-assisted by 12.
              Out-shot by 33%.

              But we have 10 more free throw attempts.

              Tells you everything you need to know about our approach.


              • RaptorsVictim wrote: View Post

                It should be Massai
                Masai points to everyone "fired, fired, fired, fired...fired"


                • Atothe wrote: View Post
                  This isn't baseball, the coach has to be proactive
                  The best coaches in baseball are generally proactive.


                  • Effort was lacking by NBA veterans with talent. Can't make this shit up. Like Rondo said "they quit"


                    • I think Tucker's giving the speech, to be honest.

                      Casey should sit down & shut up. If he says one thing to Tucker, he gets punched in the face.
                      Axel wrote:
                      Now Cody can stop posting about this guy and we have a poster to blame if anything goes wrong!!
                      KeonClark wrote:
                      We won't hear back from him. He dissapears into thin air and reappears when you least expect it. Ten is an enigma. Ten is a legend. Ten for the motherfucking win.
                      KeonClark wrote:
                      I can't wait until the playoffs start.

                      Until then, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they most often stink


                      • Jonas has played 7 minutes and is tied for 3rd highest scorer on the team.

                        Ibaka has scored 4 points on 7 shot attempts.

                        DeRozan is 0/4 from the floor, and has scored 8 points on 10 possessions used, with, of course, zero assists.

                        Lowry is 1 for 5, with as many turnovers as assists (2).

                        Cory Joseph is 0 for 3, and somehow a -19 in 9 minutes, the worst per minute plus minus in a night full of horrifying plus minus numbers for the whole team.

                        Patterson is a team worst -21. Poeltl managed a -7 in 3 minutes.

                        The team scored 14 of their 30 from the free throw line. That means they scored 16 points on their 30 FGA's.


                        • This is disgraceful.

                          "Thanks, Captain Obvious!"


                          • TRex wrote: View Post
                            I can't really put this on DD. If you're paying attn, he's being double teamed/triple tramed everytime he catches the ball and he's making the right passes. The other guys needs to make plays/shots PERIOD.
                            Are you kidding me?? Demar has played like complete ad utter shit on defense, schooled time and again. Plus missing shots and turning the ball over.

                            One player has been even close to ok. Fucking Delon wright. Lmao
                            9 time first team all-RR, First Ballot Hall of Forum


                            • Scraptor wrote: View Post

                              Should we laugh or cry?
                              jump off a building or something like that


                              • Bendit wrote: View Post
                                Wonder who is standing up in the locker room giving "the speech". I dont think I have ever seen as bad an effort game as this.
                                Delon Wright